Vista Views and Doodles inspired by the Alhambra

After visiting the Alhambra, I am walking away with many photos of visual reference of patterns, archways and vistas. I realize my choices of photographs reflect where I am at in life. The doorways represent transitions, the patterns focus on connections that work together, and the vistas are about seeing the big picture, life in context. Here is my interpretation of a small part of the vista seen from the Alhambra. Following is a photo reference I used to paint from: Here is a panoramic view of the city: Here we are enjoying the view! I could probably fill up… Read More

Artistically Armed for Adventure…

With smart phone, watercolor journal, paints, pencil, eraser, water container, paper towel,waterproof pens, InkTense pencils, and a brush I am ready to begin my artistic adventure in Granada Spain! Here is the result of the breathtaking view from San Nicholas viewpoint in the Albayzin before we went on a tour of the Alhambra. In addition to my usual traveling supplies, there is an added blessing I used a lot: a mini iPad! I found that sometimes I would draw/paint on location, and other times take a photo and work on the artwork later. The iPad is a wonderful tool for… Read More