Board Book Blessing Number 3

Our third grandchild turned two. It’s exciting – so much growth and wonder to celebrate. I feel blessed to be able to spend time with him each week. As part of the celebration of each of our grandchildren’s life, I make a Board Book Blessing. On one hand, it is a simple alphabet board book. On the other hand, it is personalized with their individual name, including their middle name, and a bit of heritage about their last names. Also, I like to put the meaning of their name and at the end I write a life blessing I ask… Read More

Board Book Blessings

I wanted something special and individual to give my grandsons this year. Not something so precious they couldn’t use now, but something they could interact with and could be saved for later with the meaning of a personal blessing just for them. These board books were repurposed from a thrift store, gessoed, and sanded. I used the boys names as the themes of the books and the blessings. Each letter of their first name has a page with objects beginning with that letter. Then there is a page for their first, middle, and last names with the meanings. On the… Read More