An Alphabet Story Behind the Art of Colorful Blessings

Sometimes it amazes me how something that seems insignificant ends up being something of meaning and connection. It was like that with these pages. I wanted to be a part of an online Art Journaling group Bernice Hopper invited me to, An A to Z of Me. The trouble was, I was so busy, I didn’t have time to get out my paints, start a new journal etc. Fortunately, Bernice’s groups have the flexibility to go with your own flow. So I decided to do what I could to participate. That meant not doing the techniques, but doing the prompts… Read More

Published in Art Journaling Magazine!

I had a lovely retreat and time away. For those of you who left messages while I was away, Thank you! It isn’t very often one gets to get away with the purpose to slow down, relax, eat, rest, love, enjoy beauty. It’s been nearly a decade since we’ve taken this kind of time away, and am so thankful. I didn’t some experimenting with a travel journal, so it’s likely there will be some blogging about that. An added blessing, was coming home to the current Art Journaling Magazine, which features a six-page article with nine of the full page… Read More

X-Y-Z Moleskine Journal Pages

The last three letters of the alphabet; I made it! The A to Z of Me Journal Challenge finished! X  Marks the Spot   Valerie Sjodin© Y – Yes. I am going to write a vivid dream I had over the words “Yes Jesus” since that was a key part of the dream   Valerie Sjodin© Z – Zeal   Valerie Sjodin©

T-Try! Trust! Learn! Persevere!

Try!  – Valerie Sjodin© This journal page represents my current state: trying, learning, persevering, not giving up, things I am to learn and grow in right now. A time of personal growth. It’s challenging, and I feel pushed to capacity, asking God for more and struggling to have faith as I take the next baby step. Pressing on. One quote I didn’t have room for on my page is from Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture:“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us… Read More

Q-R-S in Moleskine Journal Pages

These three words go together for me: Quality, Responsibilities, and Self-Image in the An A to Z of Me Art Journaling Challenge. In the self-image pages, Denis Waitley’s quote  reminded of what I did in 2010 to change my self-talk. I listened to The Shalom Prayer every day for at least 60 days. It is a beautiful prayer based on Psalm 139, and states what I believe, but didn’t feel at the time. God used it to upgrade my thinking. When I was younger, I went for years hating myself. Part of the prayer says, because God’s love for me is so great,… Read More

N-O-P in Moleskine Journal Pages

N-Nature in my moleskine journal prompted by An A to Z of Me Journaling Group. The lesson learned from these pages is keep going when it doesn’t turn out. I didn’t want to post the N-Nature page, but a missing letter may have been noticed. I was tempted to quit because of not liking the page composition, being really busy, and having the A to Z challenge over in February. But I don’t like leaving things unfinished. Then came “O”. I’m pretty happy with that page, and decided to keep going even if it’s slowly and sometimes interrupted. This journal is turning… Read More

K-L-M Moleskine Journal Pages

The following pages were done while we were out of town visiting our kids and grandkids. Had a layover in the airport, and time flew by as I journaled; a good thing. The doily used on the kindness spread was under the creamer at the restaurant in the airport. I glued it on with a gluestick, doodled and colored it with colored pencils. One thing I learned is that this way of journaling is ideal for travel. This is only the beginning… K-Kindness in my moleskine journal prompted by An A to Z of Me Journaling Group L-Laughter M-Mindfulness