Create, Be Brave, Be Vulnerable

This tag was found at an open studio I had about a year and a half ago. I had a “treasure box” of tags with questions or statements to finish. People could sit down and finish the tag they chose. A person left this, face down on the table. I found it as I was cleaning up. The message expresses the longing so many of us have, and the fear.  I don’t know who wrote the message on the tag. I wonder if she knows I want to be that kind of person too, that her message echoes the longing… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving! And a gathering of like-hearted spirits…

I know it’s not Thanksgiving in all the countries, but it seems to me, being thankful anytime is in season, so Happy Thanksgiving. It happened to me just this week, the wave of sadness. Sometimes it happens and there are two things I am being intentional about doing when it happens. One is to write down what I am thankful for in my journal. The other is to ask, “Why do I feel sad (or the emotion of the moment)?” It may be the state of the world, my own shortcomings, or the brokenness of relationships etc. Then I imagine… Read More

Putting on Kingdom Clothing – Bible Art Journaling

I chose a kimono to illustrate what we are to put on as loved ones of God, because of the simple, timeless shape, and the word itself means “thing to wear.” In Japan, kimonos are a symbol of Japanese culture, it reflects who they are. In Colossians 3:12-18, as God’s chosen and beloved people, we are to clothe ourselves with what reflects God and his culture: compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, forgiving each other, and above all, put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Honestly, I cannot do that on my own and fall short,… Read More

Resurrection Power – Bible Art Journaling John 11

Reading the Bible and entering into the story makes the experience real to me, engaging my mind and emotion, capturing my imagination. This is one reason why I art journal. The process itself, helps me look at the little things in the text I may overlook in just reading of it. As I design, write, plan, paint etc. I pray, listen, and meditate on the meaning of the text.  As I dig into John 11, the death and resurrection of Lazarus is especially relevant to me these days as I consider life and death. If you read my last post,… Read More

Expressing Grief and Belief… A Tribute

I believed fully for healing and rejoiced in the good report. Then the news came. Leukemia was back… for the third time. I wrestled hard, angry, not understanding, grieving. When faced with this type of situation in the past I have tended to pull back from God, but this time, determined not to, I pressed in, coming to God with unguarded emotion and questions. Then finally crying out, “What do you want me to do with this?” Waiting. Then the still small voice to my heart. “I want you to be drawn so deep into my love, that you trust… Read More

Iona: Dream Realized in a Thin Place

I’ve dreamt about going to Iona. It’s known as a thin place, where heaven and earth meet, where people focus on unity and peace. Also, the birthplace of the Book of Kells which has fascinated me for years. It is a pilgrimage to get there from where we live: two long plane rides, bus shuttle, train, ferry, bus, and ferry. “Iona” Photograph Valerie Sjodin© Fuschia bushes were in abundance on Iona, even outside our hotel “Iona” Photograph Valerie Sjodin© Here is the view outside our room: “Iona” Photograph Valerie Sjodin© We walked during the day and evening to the Abbey:… Read More

Journey through my Faith Journal

I am so grateful for my vision, and the ability to express through art journaling. It’s been such a blessing to connect with you too! If you live in the U.S., I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you eat, drink and be grateful! Cheers! Here is video of a journey through my Faith Journal that shows the flow of the journal I posted still photos of previously. I begin with my statement of faith and move on to the journey of faith…

Processing Hurt in my Moleskine Journal

One thing I am thankful to God for is His willingness and desire to meet me where I’m at. In my deep hurt, with just a Bible and a box of kleenex, I desperately asked Him to help me, comfort me, show me how to get His vision of the mess around me. He did. The Words on the page became living, exactly for my situation. Shortly after that, I experienced the sweetness of God through other people. I was blessed with kindness through visits, phone calls, and written words. All in one day. None of them knew I was… Read More

Oh the Wonder and Gratitude…

For me, a positive attitude, and increasing faith, often comes down to a sense of wonder and being grateful. When I notice the beauty around me, I can’t help but be thankful. The center of this Fun Journal sums it up. Flowers seem so frivolous. I’m so glad God made them. Maybe appreciating beauty isn’t frivolous after all…. especially if it helps take my focus off my problems and helps me look up to the Creator of all beauty.

Healing Fun and a Prayer

Here is more in the weekend Fun Journal. The idea of laughter as healing and power kept coming up in the past few weeks. I hadn’t really thought of laughter in those terms of power. There is a quote I found on Pinterest included. I wish I knew who the author is so I can give credit where credit is due. The Milton Berle quote makes me smile, and is so true. My response is a prayerful one, appreciating the laughter of God and pondering the power of it all….