Healing Fun and a Prayer

Here is more in the weekend Fun Journal. The idea of laughter as healing and power kept coming up in the past few weeks. I hadn’t really thought of laughter in those terms of power. There is a quote I found on Pinterest included. I wish I knew who the author is so I can give credit where credit is due. The Milton Berle quote makes me smile, and is so true. My response is a prayerful one, appreciating the laughter of God and pondering the power of it all….

Increasing the Fun Factor and Filling the Tank

Sometimes I need to use positive self-talk to get me out of my current state of mind. I ask myself, “What do I need?” In the midst of a steep learning curve and hard work, I need to remember it’s not all about what I need to accomplish, and it’s not about searching for my lost comfort zone to crawl into. For me, it’s about trusting God and letting go, giving Him control, and cutting myself some slack. Putting those things down in a journal, an art journal in particular, is an act of faith for me, and a refueling.… Read More

When you feel like giving up on your vision…

Faith Journal-Center Left Circle Flap- quote from Pinterest I’ve debated whether to share this, but in case it encourages someone to keep going and not give up on the vision they’ve been given, I am going to go ahead and share. About a year ago, I had a vision of teaching online art journaling classes. The vision, or dream, caught me by surprise because I’m not really a computer, internet person. I started this blog because I wanted to be a part of a community and connect with like-minded people after the school I had taught Art at for ten… Read More

Sometimes things don’t go as planned…

If you’ve seen my recent how-to video or visited my website, you read or heard that I would have an online mini workshop to sign up for in May. It’s been a real time of growing for me, both the good parts and the hard parts. Developing an online course has been challenging. I am so enthusiastic about the content and teaching, but the technical parts are new to me. There have been  more obstacles and roadblocks than I anticipated, both common and uncommon. At the moment I am at the end of myself in regards to the project and… Read More

Abba’s Love Weekend Journal

For this journal, I returned to my original favorite palette when introduced to Golden Fluid Acrylics, Pthalo Turquoise, Quinacridone Crimson, and Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. Then I added Gold metallic and a bit of Permanent Violet Dark. My friend, Kim, had given me some paper from Florence Italy, one of my favorite places, and it seemed to want to be included in this journal. It was a joy to go through the process of journal making in the Art Journaling Weekend Workshop. Because this workshop was for a specific group of people, it was a bit different, catering to the… Read More

TRUST it will all work out

There have been some tough challenges recently. I’m trusting God that it will all work out. I bounced back to work in my “Faith” journal. Above is one page of the spread that will be a step-by-step example in the upcoming art journaling online class.  Art really does reflect life, and what I love about art journaling, is that it gives a safe place to work through emotions and concerns with more than just words, things that can’t be expressed in just words.

BELIEVE Journal Page – Step-by-Step

Believe – Valerie Sjodin© www.valeriesjodin.com Bernice Hopper, at http://newlycreative.blogspot.co.uk/, puts together these great journal groups with daily challenges. I joined in on the An Attitude of Gratitude Journaling in November and was so blessed by the inspiration, prompts and the interaction with people. Her current Journaling Blog Challenge is An A to Z of Me. Check it out. Bernice invited me to be one of the guest artists for the challenge which goes through the month of the February 2013. The word I was given to work with is “Believe”. There are also questions to answer, a technical challenge, inspirational quotes and videos.  The questions I… Read More

Welcome to my New Website

Well, I’ve made the plunge, and now have a new website with a secure shop at www.valeriesjodin.com with art for sale, slideshows of journals to look through, workshop schedules, and happenings. You are invited to come and visit. This also means being one step closer to teaching online classes. Yay! With the new website it is now easy to sign up and pay for my workshops online and print a supply list. There are some really fun workshops planned: a Weekend Art Journaling Workshop March 8-9 2013, a how-to painting class April 26-27 with the theme of bird, egg, feather, nest;… Read More

Gratitude by Grace

GRATITUDE (the state of being thankful) by GRACE (an unmerited divine assistance given humans for their process of spiritual renewal and freedom). These pages show the flap from the last spread before it is opened. The themes touched on are: laughter, Celebration, Thanksgiving, Friends and Family, Neighborhood, and Health When the “Celebration” Day challenge for “An Attitude of Gratitude” journal came up, and as I was working in the journal, I suddenly felt the wounds of my family’s brokenness, and the loss of traditions I once valued. I was hit with grief. Then the thought came that there are probably… Read More

Gratitude Journal, Focus on Strengths

Memories, Childhood, Encouragement, Self, & Strengths These are the themes of this gratitude spread. Guidelines were to include a photo or drawing of yourself, a tag, some fabric or textile. Bernice’s prompts, in An Attitude of Gratitude Journal Challenge, of quotes and verses were great starting points. This time instead of starting with text, I added it last, experimenting with white pens.  The photo of my husband and I in high school is one of my favorites. Another high school student, now my brother-in-law, took a photo of Keith and I. We did not know it at the time. I think… Read More