Gratitude Note to Self: Keep the Main Thing…

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing,” I’ve been telling myself about nearly everything this week. I was feeling “behind” with the gratitude journal. It doesn’t seem I have enough time or space for the journal and I thought maybe I should set it aside and back out of the An Attitude of Gratitude Art Journaling Challenge. Then I asked myself, “What is the main thing about the Gratitude Journal?” Okay, why I started it was to connect with other like-minded people, to be intentional about being grateful, and to make a visual expression of that… Read More

Gratitude Journal Set Free

As I was perusing through the blogs I follow I found that Bernice Hopper put out a Gratitude Journal blog challenge on her blog: The art journaling challenge, complete with pdf’s and inspirational prompts, quotes, and videos is found at An Attitude of Gratitude Art Journaling Challenge. I joined about five days ago.  Knowing I was starting after it already began, I decided to think outside the box of the challenges and combine some of the days. I figured if I focused on having to get a certain day done at a certain time etc., my focus would be on the… Read More

Making Connections in a Small, Big World

This past weekend was the Washington County Artists Studio Tour. I really must thank my dear husband Keith and two wonderful friends Kim and Ellen for helping me, taking care of all the sales and anything that needed to be done. You guys are the BEST! How blessed I am to have such great friends! For those of you who stopped by my studio, THANK YOU! I loved having you come! What a great time connecting we had! Such a good time, in fact, that we didn’t have time to stop and take photos. I realized at the end of… Read More

What if there is no box?

We were planning to go on vacation this month. I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon; on my bucket list. But this year my feet have been bothering me, and now I am having surgery instead.  I may need to take a break from blogging for a week or two, but then I plan to get back at it. So if you don’t hear from me, that’s why. At first I was really bummed. Then, thinking of how I could make the best of it, I signed up for two online art classes. Being a teacher, September always feels like… Read More

Perseverance Journal Part 3

The past month has been full good things like our son getting married, celebrating 33 years of marriage, two art shows in one week and the preparations, etc. There are other things too, like looking forward to surgery, the tension of facing new challenges and growth, navigating decisions and directions etc. I realize I am not alone. It’s part of life, and moving forward requires faith and perseverance. Risky business.  Here are the last pages of the Perseverance Journal. I wasn’t that happy with how the right side turned out,  but it does seem like the edgy lettering, written with the pen… Read More

Perseverance Journal Part 2

Here’s more of my Perseverance Weekend Journal: If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area this Thursday, September 6, 2012, and want to stop by the First Congregational United Church of Christ (1126 SW Park Ave) by the historical society and across from the Portland Art Museum. I would love to greet you at the Art Exhibition of 16 of my acrylic and mixed media paintings. I’ll be there from 5 pm-8 pm. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Worship Outside-the-box with Paint, Song & Dance

Last Sunday evening, June 29, my church, Hillsboro Vineyard Church, had a worship service. Jessica, our worship leader asked me about three weeks before if I wanted to worship paint. I said I would pray about it. Then I got an idea for a picture, but it seemed too simple, and I didn’t want it to be trite. I didn’t get any other ideas, so I tried to come up with a composition for it. But I just wasn’t getting it, even after hours of trying.  While at the Creative Church Conference in Idaho, Jessica, our worship leader, and I… Read More

Art from scraps of Grief and Grace

Two years ago today my mother faded from this world, entering a new phase of eternity. Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real. For my mom and I, our relationship as we knew it died in a big way years ago. Neither of us wanted it, but we were faced with hard choices and we each made them like choosing different forks in the road, and our paths didn’t cross very often. That day, two years ago, we didn’t know was going to be her last day living here on earth, but we knew it was going to be “any day… Read More

I Choose to Believe!

I said to my husband, “I think art journaling has helped keep me sane all these years.” He looked at me like I was Captain Obvious, smiled sideways, and said, “I don’t doubt it.” Sometimes when I get my feelings hurt or feel like a loser, I want to check out , even quit pressing ahead… but the consequences are not good and not what I really want. That’s when I wrestle and fight hard until I find hope in visual expression. I’ve accepted that it is my personal process, an individual way of dealing with things. At those times I set… Read More

What about Today?

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.“– a Jewish proverb Well yes, my experience supports that quote. Things often don’t turn out as I plan, especially the timing. A year or so ago I knew I needed to change the way I did things. What worked for me in the past was not going to work in my new phase in life. I’ve always had a “to-do” list, ever since I was a teenager. But it was frustrating now. I asked God about it and the thought came that I should not have a “to-do” list… Read More