“Don’t let comparison steal your Joy”

When I read the quote in the post title Pinterest I thought, “That’s good.” So I made this journal page: I must not measure my significance by what I think other people think of me, or by mere numbers. Actually maybe it goes even farther than that, that I shouldn’t measure my worth by what I think of me either. I tend to judge myself with my feelings. It goes back to identity–what I’ve been learning and experiencing recently. I want to “level up, go “further up and further in” as C.S. Lewis puts it, but sometimes I get in… Read More

Birthing a Book: a process of pushing ahead and letting go

Valerie Sjodin copyright 2011 I haven’t posted as much recently because I’ve been working on a book that includes part of my journey  in artwork, Scripture, prayers I’ve written, and prayers of others I use and have been blessed by. This is the cover image. Self-publishing is one of those things I said I would never do because I tried once with a print and hated it. So why am I doing it now? For me it is paradoxical. It’s almost like the death of a dream allowed me to consider it. One of my dreams was making an art… Read More