Expressing Grief and Belief… A Tribute

I believed fully for healing and rejoiced in the good report. Then the news came. Leukemia was back… for the third time. I wrestled hard, angry, not understanding, grieving. When faced with this type of situation in the past I have tended to pull back from God, but this time, determined not to, I pressed in, coming to God with unguarded emotion and questions. Then finally crying out, “What do you want me to do with this?” Waiting. Then the still small voice to my heart. “I want you to be drawn so deep into my love, that you trust… Read More

Processing Hurt in my Moleskine Journal

One thing I am thankful to God for is His willingness and desire to meet me where I’m at. In my deep hurt, with just a Bible and a box of kleenex, I desperately asked Him to help me, comfort me, show me how to get His vision of the mess around me. He did. The Words on the page became living, exactly for my situation. Shortly after that, I experienced the sweetness of God through other people. I was blessed with kindness through visits, phone calls, and written words. All in one day. None of them knew I was… Read More

Art from scraps of Grief and Grace

Two years ago today my mother faded from this world, entering a new phase of eternity. Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real. For my mom and I, our relationship as we knew it died in a big way years ago. Neither of us wanted it, but we were faced with hard choices and we each made them like choosing different forks in the road, and our paths didn’t cross very often. That day, two years ago, we didn’t know was going to be her last day living here on earth, but we knew it was going to be “any day… Read More