Revisiting and Updating Christmas

I am filled with gratitude! Two days before Thanksgiving our baby granddaughter was able to come home after spending 48 days in the NICU. How fortunate we are to have been able to celebrate her homecoming with our daughter and son-in-love and family. We rented a house near their home in Seattle for the holiday weekend and spent time eating good food, playing games, going on outside adventures, and taking turns holding our sweet new baby granddaughter. One of my favorite memories was staying up with our older daughter playing games and our younger daughter joining us when it was… Read More

YOU are an Artist!

YOU are an Artist! This week I was invited to speak at a school chapel. It is not often I speak to children, but I got excited and knew what I wanted to talk about: How to stay an artist when you grow up, and for those older attending: rekindling the artist within.  Here’s a bit of what I shared. It began with some questions: Have you ever made a drawing or painting or sculpture? Have you ever written a story or a poem? Have you ever sang a song, or danced, or acted, or made a video? Have you… Read More

Art Reflects Life in my Word for 2015 – Again…

It’s been awhile since I’ve art journaled in my 2015 journal. Looking back at this year, two necessities stand out as key for me in this current year: be focused, and be flexible. Challenging to be both at the same time. Sometimes I’ve done well, and sometimes I’ve muddled my way through, “dropping balls” as they say, along the way. Giving grace to myself and others has become necessary in order to thrive. Being vulnerable, which is so scary for me, continues to be my biggest challenge. No wonder my prayer for that came out on a journal page: A… Read More