Revisiting my Word of the Year through a Shape

This year I have a shape of the year as well as a word. My word is AIM and my shape, concentric circle. The circle is filled with loads of symbolic meaning to me, and is encompassed by the word “shalom.” It is more than peace. It is wholeness, completeness in every way. As this art journal developed it became clear that the attributes I list are all qualities to aim for.   I have also been inspired by Mary Brack’s blog post “Collage Therapy” at Mary also uses a lot of circles in her artwork. Her circles often… Read More

Loving Out the Fear … Making Me Brave

I’ve never thought of myself as brave, even though that is what my name means, valor. In the last post, fear being loved out was the theme. Abiding in God’s love is what I am to AIM for, the cure for fear. AIM is my word for this year. In this journal page, I continue to express my word of the year and my spiritual journey through art. I love music that makes me see pictures, and also have a song for this year: “You Make Me Brave” by Amanda Cook. When I first heard it, I could see it and… Read More

Home Sweet Home in my Moleskine Journal

One of my favorite books that encourages creative thinking and purpose is Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson. He defines wisdom with three words:  “Integrity, Creativity and Excellence. It is the display of the mind of God, always in the context of integrity that brings forth the creative solutions for life while holding to the standards of excellence. These play a vital role in manifesting the Kingdom in ways that honor God and solve the issues of life for humankind…. Simple things like joy, a happy home life, recognition, and meaningful friendships are an important part of the life of… Read More

HOPE-full Weekend Workshop Journal

Hope Journal cover – Valerie Sjodin© HOPE was the theme for three of us in the Weekend Art Journaling Workshop last weekend. It is also the theme of the journal I’m working on for the online class. So for me, this journal I did my demos in, is a prelude for the online art journaling class I’m currently working on.  center spread of hope journal – Valerie Sjodin© Hope journal standing – Valerie Sjodin©