Why I Bible Art Journal…and Why I Don’t…

On one hand, it is easy for me to share why I Bible Art Journal, because I’ve experienced the benefits including: praying and asking God to speak to me through Scripture, intentionally looking at the meaning of the passage, drawing imagery out of the meaning of the text, taking the time to blend creative art making and meditation… On the other hand, I want to add a disclaimer. Sometimes I am intentional about not doing Bible Art Journaling. I choose not to Bible Art Journal when: making the artwork distracts me from my relationship with God, I feel pressured to… Read More

Pondering the Practical Side of My Word of the Year

Sometimes my inner weather shifts from a clear view of where I’m headed to standing in front of a wall of mental fog, not knowing what to do next. Now is one of those times. Projects are arranged in piles of what needs to be done. Ideas swirl around in my thinking, and an old dream rises up within me speaking in a creaky voice, “Now is the time.” Disappointment and Insecurity are quick to respond with, “You tried that before and nothing happened. You have proof. Just look in your drawer full of files… Life is short. Should you… Read More

Time for a Coffee Break…

“If you excuse me a minute. I’m going to have a cup of coffee.” – Crew broadcast from Apollo 11’s Eagle, 1969 Actually, I’m taking a bit more than a coffee break. It’s time for a week or so off of being online, and time to get out in nature and be with friends, so I thought I’d let you know I’d be gone a bit with a peek into my mixed media coffee journal.  A cup of coffee in the morning is a tradition at our house and was brought to a new level when my daughter became a… Read More

Expressing Grief and Belief… A Tribute

I believed fully for healing and rejoiced in the good report. Then the news came. Leukemia was back… for the third time. I wrestled hard, angry, not understanding, grieving. When faced with this type of situation in the past I have tended to pull back from God, but this time, determined not to, I pressed in, coming to God with unguarded emotion and questions. Then finally crying out, “What do you want me to do with this?” Waiting. Then the still small voice to my heart. “I want you to be drawn so deep into my love, that you trust… Read More

Two of my Favorites…

“The Bible is the greatest source of poetry  the world has ever known and  the world’s greatest work of art…. If every life inevitably moves towards its end,  we must during our own,  color it with the colors of love and hope….  For me, perfection in Art and in life  flows from the biblical spring.  Without that spirit, the mechanics of  logic and construction alone,  in Art as in life, will not bear fruit.”  – Marc Chagall This quote by Marc Chagall is one of my favorites. I remember how my heart sang when I first read it. I agree… Read More

Revisiting and Finishing a Journal Past

At the end of this journal, I wrote out much of Psalm 27, which I found very meaningful during the time the rest of the journal was made. Here is the Psalm illuminated: Generally I finish my journals. This one was an exception. When I stopped a number of years ago, it was almost finished, but I left the last page and the back cover blank. I think I stopped because the journal had already served its purpose by the time I got to the last page and I didn’t need it anymore.  This journal was the one I worked… Read More

NEW! My Favorite Matte Medium and a Step-by-Step Experiment!

Matte medium is one of those products I use very often in art journaling, a staple really. I’ve tried a few various kinds and get a lot of questions about it. Well, I have had the opportunity to try a new one and am happy to announce I am thoroughly pleased with this matte medium, my FAVORITE!  It is DecoArt’s Media Matte Medium: http://decoart.com/mixedmedia/ It has a lovely smooth, clear finish and spreads easily and evenly. So far, I have used it to seal in my doodling before applying other layers. Using a soft, inexpensive filbert or flat brush, I’ve brushed… Read More

Check out these Art Journaling Inspirations!

WHY I ART JOURNAL One of the joys of blogging is meeting people I would not have met otherwise. I met Kiala Givehand in a class I taught. She is a lovely, creative woman. Kiala shares her creative processes on her website and blog, as well as interviews with other artists answering the question: “Why I Art Journal?” She asked me to write a post with photos and I included the video below explaining why I art journal. Here is the link to my article on Kiala’s blog: http://www.howtoartjournal.com/blog/why-i-art-journal-valerie-sjodin ONLINE CREATIVE COMMUNITY OF FAITH OPPORTUNITY If you have been following my… Read More

A Quick London Adventure… Our European Finale

We took a train to London. It was a quick trip. What to do?  We stayed near the London Eye, across the river from Big Ben and Parliament buildings. You can feel the power of London. We felt small. It helped to stay near a central location, close to the tube. We took it everywhere we went, or walked. I especially wanted to see the Westminster Abbey. We got there just in time for the last tour. So much history. I especially wanted to see the memorial to Wilberforce.  After we left, we walked around the city a bit. In… Read More

Beginning our Travel Journal: Scotland

Because it was a trip of many transitions with many places to go to, I needed to pare down my art journaling supplies. Here is what I ended up using on the go. I kept a written record of nearly each day in my Documented Life journal. The calendar base was made before the trip. I also used a small Moleskine watercolor journal to document the cities we visited and some of my most meaningful places. The little Celtic reference journal was used as a reference for lettering and Celtic knots drawn along the way. My trusty old travel watercolor… Read More