NEW Lesson! 4 New Videos Added to Online Class

  I am excited about my new step-by-step lesson on embellishing edges and journal covers with stencils! Since I launched the online classes, I have made the Fire and Wind Journals. The covers of these journals are made using a stencil to define the edges and feature doodling with paint and pen. The ideas go along so well with Embellishing Edges & Text Online Class featuring the Hope journal, that I have decided to add this new lesson that includes four new how-to videos to the Embellishing Edges & Text online Workshop listed on my website under the Online Classes Menu.   … Read More

Fixing Lettering Mistakes (sigh)

After I posted my last post, my husband nicely pointed out a misspelling in it. While I was doing it, I felt very emotional, so I’m not surprised. It wasn’t the only spelling error I made while lettering that foot, but it was one I didn’t catch. It happens sometimes. But then what? Here’s the image with the mistake. Can you find it? Here’s it is circled:   Sometimes I correct a spelling error using a permanent paint pen or white out pen. In this case I used gesso. Here below is a photo of it after one coat of gesso.… Read More