A Hand and a Prompt

There’s been a lot of talk about identity in my circles in recent months. Knowing who we are, who we are made to be is important. Keeping on the theme of being like a child I decided to do a page touching on who I am. I figured if someone in one of the workshops was having an artist’s block they could use this as a starting point for an idea and a place to learn new techniques. So I wrote my first name in cursive at the top of the page with a permanent pen, and then traced around… Read More

Explore New Ideas Outside the Box ~ Painting the Journal Cover in 4 Steps

Here is the cover of my latest journal I just finished: “Explore New Ideas Outside the Box….” I made it out of watercolor papers and sewed it together. As I’ve been working on it I have been getting excited about the “Summer Art Journaling 2-day Workshop-Playshop” I’m teaching this summer in Hillsboro Oregon. It will be fun to play with paint and paper and doodle with pen. The journals we will bind in the workshop will be similar to this one. The cover was one of the last pages to finish. I had gessoed the surface, but it didn’t clean… Read More

A New Year, A New Journal Step-by-Step

I’m starting a new art journal reflecting a new phase in my life. I’m throwing out any rules. I’m not starting at the beginning. I’m going with the flow. Here is a step-by-step process for a two-page spread from the middle of this journal in progress.  After loosely coating the pages with gesso I added paint with quick broad strokes of  raw umber and transparent red iron oxide while the gesso was still wet. After the first layer dried I added a wash of Manganese Blue Hue around the edge  and blotted it with a paper towel. When it dried I… Read More