Key to Drawing Celtic Knots! Made easy!

Key to Drawing Celtic Knots! Made easy! Congratulations! You have just visited the most popular post on my blog. Since this first post about drawing Celtic knots in 2014, I’ve continued to grow in skill and enthusiasm for drawing Celtic knots, and to explore Celtic Christianity. Will you join me for this Celtic creative & spiritual retreat? In this online couirse you will learn easy ways to draw Celtic knots, designs and lettering while going on a creative and spiritual journey through the Celtic Christian hymn ‘Be Thou my Vision.’ Below is a video that shows and tells a bit… Read More

All of “An A to Z of Me” Moleskine Journal Pages

A to Z of Me… I received a question about pens bleeding through the moleskine pages. I found that many pens, especially colored, bleed through. There are likely many that don’t, but the pens I’m using on these pages that have very little bleed through are Pitt Faber Castell “S” superfine size tip and Prismacolor colored pencils. Here are my pages A to Z from the A to Z of Me Journal Challenge          

Lettering, Lettering and more Lettering

Lettering, Lettering and more Lettering This month of February is a lettering month for me. I’m taking an online class, Letter Love 201 with Joanne Sharpe, and enjoying it! I decided to take the class to learn more about using markers and various pens. I like how Joanne approaches teaching and sets up prompts, examples, and inspiration in her “assignments.” Here is my version of one of the first lessons in the class: I have also joined An A to Z of Me art journal challenge. With all I have going on this month, I can’t do one more full-blown… Read More

Exploring Magenta and Periwinkle

Cover of Exploring Magenta Journal I have a color confession: I haven’t liked magenta and avoided using it. Why? I think it turns to sweet pink when watered down or when white is added to it. I avoid pink even more. So I made myself use magenta in this journal. Periwinkle was also added, a color I am always drawn to, and two of my all-time favorites: phthalo turquoise and Golden’s green gold. Black was added for bold contrast and I experimented more with using tissue paper, stencil as a base for doodling and using black and white pen. Here… Read More

Visual Blessing: Your Life ~ Sacred Purpose

When my husband saw this blessing, he said it was for me. I sensed it was for someone else, but I wasn’t sure who. It made me think that in some ways, when we make art, even if it is for someone else, it is also for us, because we have put some of ourselves into it, whether it be our experience, beliefs, color choices etc. I gave this one to a dear family friend, whose mother and I raised our little ones together, trading babysitting. (I used my time to take painting classes). Her daughter, now grown, is a… Read More

A Blessing for the “Everyday Conqueror”

    When making visual blessings for people, sometimes I know who it is for, more often I don’t know until I feel led to give one, and sometimes I find out part way through the process of making one. That was the case with this visual blessing. It just flowed, words popped out that seemed to “want” to be included. I asked God for a word the person needed and got “conqueror”. Then the verse came with the same word. I love when it goes like that.     The background for this one was a demo from one of my… Read More

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!       As my favorite Father (also my favorite Husband) and our daughter Merri and I were sharing Father’s Day lunch together, I was reminded of this little piece of artwork Merri and I collaborated on two years ago for Keith. I took an old photo of  Keith teaching Merri how to ride a bike on the beach, distorted it in photoshop, made a silhouette, and then painted it on top of a painted background. The words were added, taken from a paper Merri had written that year about growing up.    What a blessing it is… Read More

Making a Blessing (or why do I keep doing this art thing anyway?)

A visual prayer in my Prayer Journal  “We’re all winners!” I used to say that a lot when I taught school, and meant it. My family rolls their eyes. It bothered some people, especially the athletes, so naturally I kept saying it. 🙂  But I know it’s not always true. I woke up this morning asking God why the success of my artwork or “art-life” has fizzled time after time. I’ve come so close to finding my niche and then poof, nothing. Even in teaching, the school I taught at closed just as the art integration program was taking off… Read More