Prayerfully Personalized Nesting Dolls

It’s been a season of waiting, trusting, of focusing on family, having numerous houseguests, of reconciliation, and learning the paradox of holding close and letting go. With the birth of our premature granddaughter, and my dear Aunt who is home with hospice care, we are walking through a time that is incredibly precious and also draining. During these times, I find it helpful to be intentional about taking time for activities that feed my soul: going for a walk at my favorite park while listening to my favorite music, writing down my blessings in my everyday journal and giving thanks, and taking time to… Read More

The Unexpected Comes Calling

The good, the bad, and the beautiful – Life is a package. It is why I haven’t been online much the past few weeks. A good thing is our son unexpectedly came home for five days last week. It was a sweet time of being together as a family, of reconciliation, of love, and just plain fun. It’s not often I get to be with our three grown children at the same time. Mid-January I focused intensely on a project started in 2014. I felt the Spirit’s prompting and power as I got up to work in the wee hours of… Read More

Revisiting and Updating Christmas

I am filled with gratitude! Two days before Thanksgiving our baby granddaughter was able to come home after spending 48 days in the NICU. How fortunate we are to have been able to celebrate her homecoming with our daughter and son-in-love and family. We rented a house near their home in Seattle for the holiday weekend and spent time eating good food, playing games, going on outside adventures, and taking turns holding our sweet new baby granddaughter. One of my favorite memories was staying up with our older daughter playing games and our younger daughter joining us when it was… Read More