Happy Anniversary: 2 years of Blogging, 33 years of Marriage

November 2012 and still blogging. It’s surprising really. When I began, I didn’t think I had much to say or show. The school I taught at for ten years closed, and I was wondering what to to with myself. When it was suggested that I start a blog I flinched. Technology and it’s constant change often intimidates me. I don’t like feeling like I’m always trying to catch up. But here I am two years later with more changes and growth ahead in the technology department. I must press on and remember how far I’ve come. No fear, right?  photo… Read More

Moving Forward: Vacation Highlights

It’s been eight years since Keith and I went for a vacation for more than four days, just the two of us, just for relaxation and fun. It was time. We went to Ashland, Oregon, had a wonderful and restful time at the beautiful Ashland Creek Inn. Then we headed a few hours south to sunny Redding California. Our main reason for going there was to visit Bethel Church. We were not disappointed! Joy! Then we headed up to a favorite spot in Cannon Beach Oregon. It was blustery outside and cozy inside. We had the best dinner at The… Read More

It’s time for learning new things…

      It seems it is time for me to learn new things… a new season. Blogging is actually a motivating factor. I started blogging this past November. Through interactions with people online I am beginning to explore new ways of learning and possibly teaching. I need to grow. I want to. I do not want to think of myself as too old, or past learning new things. Turning 50+ must have something to do with it.       So even though I often feel like I’m slowly muddling my way through, I know I must push ahead, improve, be open… Read More