How to Paint Book Cover with Stencils

How to Paint a Book or Bible Cover with Stencils NEW STENCILS LAUNCHED TODAY! The stencils shown above provide the design and structure of painting this Bible cover. I designed them with the size of books and Bibles in mind, but can be used for all sorts of art journaling. These stencils and other NEWLY designed stencils are produced by StencilGirl® Products. This Bible was chosen because of its plain cloth cover, a base for the painting. I purchased ESV Interleaved Bible from I used Golden brand paints and cosmetic sponges. See my Tips, Supplies & Resource page for more info.… Read More

Bible Journaling – Christmas Baby Dedication

Bible Journaling ~ Christmas Baby Dedication Luke 2:30-32 Here are some of the words of Simeon, a good man who loved God and received a promise that he would not die until he saw the Messiah, the Anointed One of God. “With my own eyes I have seen your Word, the Savior you sent into the world. He will be glory for your people Israel, and the Revelation Light for all people everywhere.” Luke 2:30-32 TPT This passage reminds me that God keeps His promises, and encourages me to keep seeking Jesus in my everyday life. Learn How-To Bible Journal… Read More

2 BIG Cyber-Sales!

My Stencils and Products are on Sale! STENCIL sale info! Cyber Monday Save 25% off all* stencils Use code: cyber25 Monday, November 27, 2017 from midnight until 11:59 p.m. CST (Central Standard Time) USA PLUS 10% discount when you buy 6 stencils of the same size! NEW THIS YEAR! Choose 1 FREE large stencil for every $100 spent (after discounts are applied). You MUST specify your choice(s) by L### code in the comments section of the cart when you check out or it will be StencilGirl’s choice. Sorry, no exceptions. BONUS! Spend $500+ (after discounts are applied) and StencilGirl will send you an original work of… Read More

2 NEW Journaling Courses Today!

Bible Journaling with Stencils & More goes live! Today 11/11 Bible Journaling with Stencils & More E-course goes live. This class combines my passions of art making and connecting with God in a visual way. I am excited to connect with like-minded and like-hearted people who are seeking God and desiring to grow in creative expression. As we add visual meaning to our Bible pages, we will share more pages and processes using stencils and art techniques. Expect to be inspired! To find out more go to: 2018 Art Journaling Workshop open for registration! The Art Journaling Workshop held in… Read More

Receiving a Miracle

We prayed for a miracle… Over the past few months, our older daughter Jennie, pregnant with her second child, has had some health issues. The ultrasounds also showed concerns for the baby’s health and development. We have had amazing friends rally and pray. The birth was scheduled and the NICU team ready to whisk the newborn off to care for him, BUT it wasn’t needed. Baby Asher, whose name means happy and blessed, surprised everyone and was born just over six pounds, with good health scores. In considering the miracle of health for Asher, believing prayer changes things, and miracles… Read More

Letting Go… Release in this Season…

Release and Let Go During this Fall Season… It is a beautiful autumn here in the Pacific Northwest. As I walked with my daughter and grand-daughter in a nearby park recently, the leaves falling and dancing to the ground reminded me to let go of what no longer serves me well. It has been a year of letting go of expectations, understanding life and death, my dreams and ideas, putting me in a posture of listening, waiting, walking through the open door, past the closed ones. Trusting… Moved by the color of sweet surrender dancing to the ground, accepting the… Read More

Bible Journaling with Gelatos®

Bible Journaling with Stencils & Gelatos® Inspiration It’s not often I try a new medium and it gets added to my list of “must haves” but the Faber-Castell Gelatos® have become one of those mediums for me, especially when it comes to Bible Journaling with stencils. The Gelatos® are the perfect companion with stencils! So easy to get a nice, crisp edge and so easy to clean off with a damp cloth or baby wipe. In addition to using Gelatos® in my Journaling Bible, I use them in my everyday Moleskine and Leuchturrm journals too. Using Gelatos® as a dry… Read More

NEW Season – NEW E-Course – NEW Creative Adventure!

A NEW season, NEW creative adventures… as the Spirit moves… NOW! It seems like an accelerated season for so many people right now. For so long we’ve waiting for something to shift, and for many of us it has. That is where I found myself this summer and why you haven’t heard from me since Bible Journaling the Eclipse and Psalm 19. In the Spring, I connected with StencilGirl® Products and designed some NEW stencils. Four out of the six stencils being launched today are specifically designed for Bible Journaling. I am so excited about sharing these with you along… Read More