Creative Church Conference – July 25-27, 2014!!!

This conference, last offered in 2012, was one of the most meaningful and practical Art and Faith conference I’ve ever attended. I’m really excited to go again this year!  One of my favorite parts from last time was connecting with other artists, discovering common ground, sharing inspiration, and building friendships. The speakers were excellent, relevant, and approachable!This year, I get to teach a workshop on Hearing God through Visual Journaling. In it I will share a bit about my journey and facilitate a visual prayer process.  Check it out:  The Creative Church Conference –  Embracing the Arts in Your Church  … Read More

Creative Church Art Journal

Last weekend I went to the Creative Church Conference at the Boise Vineyard Church in Idaho with my wonderful art friend Anneli. I will be processing the experience for awhile. It was one of those mountaintop experiences, and may be the most impactful conference I’ve ever attended. I guess then I shouldn’t have been surprised when the re-entry back into real life was rough. The van, refrigerator not working, and the mug that was symbolic from the conference also breaking on its way out of the car. I was frustrated. Then I felt guilty I felt that way, and honestly,… Read More