Walking in the Valley of Shadows

The birds are singing. The promise of new life springing up around me. Then I read the newspaper. Grieved by the horrific story of a mother abusing and killing her child, cruelty of the worst kind. I cry out to God. The joy seems sucked out of the world. I feel naive, unaware of the incredible evil in my home town. With a sense of helplessness, hopelessness settles in my heart.  What should a person do? What should I do? I allow myself to grieve. Someone should grieve for the little toddler who was killed by someone who should have… Read More

Art from scraps of Grief and Grace

Two years ago today my mother faded from this world, entering a new phase of eternity. Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real. For my mom and I, our relationship as we knew it died in a big way years ago. Neither of us wanted it, but we were faced with hard choices and we each made them like choosing different forks in the road, and our paths didn’t cross very often. That day, two years ago, we didn’t know was going to be her last day living here on earth, but we knew it was going to be “any day… Read More