A Visual Parable from the Seashore for these Times

A walk on the beach is where I feel free to pour out my heart, listen to God and sing into the wind with the crashing waves playing the music. Walking, I was challenged to shake off the weight of the world and all the unrest. Sadness had crept in and I was feeling discouraged. I came across this small stone trapped between the large boulders and it seemed to echo my feelings. I noticed the beach was strewn with

Pursuing Peace with the Power of the Pause

It has been said of the time we are in, and I agree, that we are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat. It is a storm none of us have faced before. Our polarization only adds to the problems, causing the divide to widen. Fear and faith struggle for control, and we choose. Our experiences are different and are expressed in different ways. The right answer may be different for different people in different places and at different times. What to do?

He is Risen Indeed! Living in the power of His love

Today as I took some time to consider the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, I picked up a book that reminded me of the treasure it holds inside: Celtic Daily Prayer, Prayers & Readings from the Northumbria Community. The words through the Spirit infused sweet words into my soul, which is much needed right now. We have a house full during this quarantine, and being an introvert and needing quiet time to go deep has been hard to find and I feel frayed around the edges.