Art Journaling on Fire!

Fire, flame, Light, Spirit, illumination, passion… are words that are highlighted for me this season. So my usual response is to ask God about it, research, read, write, and make a journal… close-up detail of the cover The qualities of light and fire have repeatedly come to me through other people, things I’ve read etc. I revisited a book I read last year Water, Wind, Earth & Fire, The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements by Christine Valters Paintner. It is one of those books I keep close at hand to refer to. You can check out Christine’s website and books at: Companion… Read More

My Doodle-Photo-Painted Papers Travel Journal

I’ve come home from Spain with a bunch of photos and an art journal I started in Granada, but didn’t get very far on. The journal base, which I made before the trip is a modified accordion book style. Thinking it through, I decided to combine a photo book and art journal of the adventure.  Here is the cover, standing, with some of the pages and the back cover showing: The cut shapes on the top of the journal were inspired by the layers of civilization and buildings of Granada.  I cut and strips of painted tissue paper to put… Read More

Vista Views and Doodles inspired by the Alhambra

After visiting the Alhambra, I am walking away with many photos of visual reference of patterns, archways and vistas. I realize my choices of photographs reflect where I am at in life. The doorways represent transitions, the patterns focus on connections that work together, and the vistas are about seeing the big picture, life in context. Here is my interpretation of a small part of the vista seen from the Alhambra. Following is a photo reference I used to paint from: Here is a panoramic view of the city: Here we are enjoying the view! I could probably fill up… Read More

Doodling in my Mini-Moleskine Doodle Journal

Inevitably, my doodling wanders off. As I meditate and pray, I do my own thing, not thinking specifically about the place or style of my upcoming destination. These are some of those pages. What I find is that once I get start doodling from inspiration I see, it’s easier to get into a personal flow of doodling. I’ve always been enamored with the gothic arch. I will see some of those this month, but this doodle just came out of my time reading in Psalm 27. It reminds me that no matter where I go there is beauty to be found. God… Read More

Doodling for Adventure in my Moleskine Journal

First, in my calendar, Documented Life Journal, I have my month of May ready to go. Each month’s calendar looks a bit different. I try and make it feel what I think the month may feel like. This one reflects my upcoming adventure… With all the busyness this season, I still seem to find time to wind down with doodling… starting another mini-journal in a little paperback grid Moleskine journal. It’s perfect for traveling. Preparing for my trip, I check out travel books from the library and look up patterns and historic ornament relevant to the trip. In the evenings,… Read More

Doodling Extending into Devotions

I love words. So meaningful. So powerful. I read the Bible as God’s loving words to us.  To help me meditate, sometimes I look up words in the dictionary to gain deeper understanding of their meaning and gain insight on how I can apply them to my life. Another enjoyable thing is imagining what the word looks like visually, sometimes it’s representational, sometimes abstract. I ask myself what colors represent the words, “What is the color of ______?” Then fill in the blank. It is a life-giving process for me. These two spreads from the journal with black paper are… Read More

Doodling on the Dark – Walking by Faith

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, longer than I had planned. There have been some unexpected time-sensitive challenges come up that have demanded my focus and faith in God’s provision and purpose. I’m still in the process, but thought I’d post from a journal started recently with the theme of illumination and mystery. The journal itself is a 6″ x 6″ Fabriano Black Drawing Journal. I use light colored pens and colored pencils. As “Art reflects life” and helps many of us process the journey, the pages below reflect this part of my faith walk and the faithfulness of God.… Read More

Summer Workshops Wrapping Up

Last Friday was the Doodling & Lettering Workshop in the studio. There was a lovely group of women who joined me. I’m kicking myself a bit that I didn’t get a group photo. It was one of those times where I got lost in the present moment and the flow, enjoying the company and the processes. At times there was silence, except for the background music, then it was often followed by happy chatter and sharing. It reinforced the therupeutic benefits of doodling, and the enriching value of connecting with people.  I learned a lot and am so grateful. What… Read More