Summer Workshops Wrapping Up

Last Friday was the Doodling & Lettering Workshop in the studio. There was a lovely group of women who joined me. I’m kicking myself a bit that I didn’t get a group photo. It was one of those times where I got lost in the present moment and the flow, enjoying the company and the processes. At times there was silence, except for the background music, then it was often followed by happy chatter and sharing. It reinforced the therupeutic benefits of doodling, and the enriching value of connecting with people.  I learned a lot and am so grateful. What… Read More

Doodling Circles in Black, White, and Grey

Currently, I’m working/playing in a number of journals, so the blog posts are reflecting that, and I’m bouncing a bit back and forth instead of blogging in a single series. Since that’s how my life is right now, I’m just going to go with it. This doodle journal has been an ongoing one that began during post-op in the fall. It’s one I use for experimenting and relaxing, limiting myself to pens in black and white, and now the addition of grays. Here are some photos of the latest, circle doodles made to blend in with the flaps from following… Read More

Journaling Faith

I have begun another journal: FAITHIt will be one of the ones used showing some step-by-step processes in my online classes planned for later this year. The making this journal, like faith, is a journey filled with possibilities. Detail of page before color added “By entering through faith into what God has always wanted to do for us –  set us right with him, make us fit for him –  we have it all together with God because of our Master Jesus.  And that’s not all: We throw open our doors to God and discover  at the same moment that he… Read More

Back to the Doodle Journal…

After doodling in my little graph paper pad, I got out my black and white doodle journal started after my surgery in September. In this particular journal I’m doing further experimenting and keeping notes of my discoveries about pens, gesso etc. I’m planning to teach a doodling and lettering class in my studio this August, and include the information and techniques in an online class. Here are images of the back cover and a detail of an interior page. Happy Doodling!

In the meantime…Doodle

Doodling helps me let go, and deal with stress and frustration. So in this time of learning and transition, at the end of the day doodling has helped me unwind. Prayer, exercise, listening to worship music, and focusing on specific passages of Scripture have also been helpful. Here are some doodles from my little graph paper doodle pad: Happy Doodling!

“Let Go, Grow, and Flow” in 2013

That’s my motto for 2013, already a year of transition, change, and of hope. Letting go of what holds me back, Growing in wisdom and skill, and Flowing with the The Spirit. Here is an image representing my theme for the year. It’s part of a new journal I just started. I’ve talked to a number of people who are already in transition, under stress, or ill. It has been a challenging week for me and others. Here is a prayer I prayed and then wrote down for someone facing new decisions and stepping out in faith and risk. Then… Read More

Upcycled Painted Doodle Ornaments

Unpacking the Christmas decorations this year, I found the large plastic ornaments I hung outside were faded, looking ready for the trash (according to my husband). I decided to give a go at upcycling them for this year’s whimsical Christmas look in our living room. It actually helped me lighten up and play a bit more during this holiday season. Coffee Table Decorations The pear was one of my demos from when I taught high school art and finds its place in various spots in our living room throughout the year. It was made with wire, formed into the shape… Read More

Travel Journaling with the help of my Phone

I wanted to keep a journal on our vacation. After the open studio show and sale and still recovering from surgery, I was tired, and quite honestly, needed a break from any art making pressure. Earlier I made a blank journal that was one page larger than a weekend journal, giving four more panels and a flap to fill with vacation journaling. I also wanted to include Keith, who said he would like to be a part of making the journal. We both wrote in the journal, just like we would a regular journal. Brochures from two of the places… Read More