This Revelatory Process of Worship Painting… Step-by-Step

It’s been quite a Faith and Art journey for me recently. After the last painting, I was really looking forward to painting light and life, seeking to paint a glimpse of resurrection light. Another audacious desire…. After the last few paintings, I felt ready to go back to the comfort of my art journals. But no… another idea came and I felt I needed to take a step of faith with another painting.  I emailed the pastors of our church and asked if they would like me to worship paint during Easter service. I was almost hoping to be told… Read More

New Revelation and Sacrifice

A number of years ago, I felt I was supposed to paint a series of painting on the theme of the tabernacle in the book of Exodus symbolizing the process of becoming closer, more intimate with God, beginning with the brazen altar.  I even bought canvases for the project. Then once they arrived, I thought, “What were you thinking? You don’t know how to do this. Remember, you can only paint what you have experienced.” Old issues rose to the surface. Old negative voices shout in my head, “Who do you think you are?” I sighed and hid the canvases… Read More