A Grand Life Adventure & Another Beginning

It always boggles my mind a bit when an event is planned for, worked on, and them the big day comes and is gone in such a short time. Big vacations are like that, and life changes, like weddings etc. It is good to remember those times and record them so we don’t forget. I am looking forward to the seeing the photographers’ pictures. The wedding was sacred and celebratory, eclectic and somewhat non-traditional but with all the elements of making a covenant with another before God and community. I am posting a few photos from the wedding. To be… Read More

Cookies, Community, and Culinary Collaboration…for Wedding Dessert

The plan for the wedding dessert evolved over conversations with people over a period of about a month. I had gone to coffee with a young friend of mine who told me about her and her sisters’ plans of having wedding potlucks for their food since food is such a big expense for a wedding. And she pointed out that food, especially potlucks, brings people together. Weddings used to be a community affair, not a show. Her and her mom voluntered to help and it got me thinking… Then shortly after that Merri and I got together for dinner with… Read More