What am I AIMing at?

I’ve been asking that question in light of the new year, my word for the year (AIM) and in light of my life. It is a working out, wrestling through, a process of seeking… finding… and being grateful for the journey.  No matter what I aim at, or set out to do, Christ needs to be the center of my focus. That is what the big circle with the gold center is about.  The most recent journal page is the one with the loose and doodled concentric circles, the same shape as a target. Concentric circles have become my shape… Read More

Art Journaling Deeper into Faith

As I go deeper, understanding tends to grows broader. When that “Aha” moment hits, like the word study in the last post, I want to express it through art in some way. Sometimes it’s hard because the outcome doesn’t express the idea very well, but I know that should not keep me from trying. This time I am trying to show, even in a small way, the seeking and finding that has been there all along in this passage of Scripture. For me it was like finding a lost treasure with new eyes to see. After the word study published… Read More

Two of my Favorites…

“The Bible is the greatest source of poetry  the world has ever known and  the world’s greatest work of art…. If every life inevitably moves towards its end,  we must during our own,  color it with the colors of love and hope….  For me, perfection in Art and in life  flows from the biblical spring.  Without that spirit, the mechanics of  logic and construction alone,  in Art as in life, will not bear fruit.”  – Marc Chagall This quote by Marc Chagall is one of my favorites. I remember how my heart sang when I first read it. I agree… Read More

Walking in the Valley of Shadows

The birds are singing. The promise of new life springing up around me. Then I read the newspaper. Grieved by the horrific story of a mother abusing and killing her child, cruelty of the worst kind. I cry out to God. The joy seems sucked out of the world. I feel naive, unaware of the incredible evil in my home town. With a sense of helplessness, hopelessness settles in my heart.  What should a person do? What should I do? I allow myself to grieve. Someone should grieve for the little toddler who was killed by someone who should have… Read More

Documenting the Extra-Ordinary Life

What each of us think of as ordinary or extraordinary is likely personal perspective. I believe 2014 is and will continue to be an extra-ordinary year, so I thought I should record the days in a journal. Not a “you must write what you did each day” kind of journal, but one I could do without pressure. Then, when the year is over, I could look back and see what the important things to me are and when I participated in them.  Then, a few weeks ago I came across an art journaling project that is similar to what I… Read More

Oh the Wonder and Gratitude…

For me, a positive attitude, and increasing faith, often comes down to a sense of wonder and being grateful. When I notice the beauty around me, I can’t help but be thankful. The center of this Fun Journal sums it up. Flowers seem so frivolous. I’m so glad God made them. Maybe appreciating beauty isn’t frivolous after all…. especially if it helps take my focus off my problems and helps me look up to the Creator of all beauty.

Healing Fun and a Prayer

Here is more in the weekend Fun Journal. The idea of laughter as healing and power kept coming up in the past few weeks. I hadn’t really thought of laughter in those terms of power. There is a quote I found on Pinterest included. I wish I knew who the author is so I can give credit where credit is due. The Milton Berle quote makes me smile, and is so true. My response is a prayerful one, appreciating the laughter of God and pondering the power of it all….

Increasing the Fun Factor and Filling the Tank

Sometimes I need to use positive self-talk to get me out of my current state of mind. I ask myself, “What do I need?” In the midst of a steep learning curve and hard work, I need to remember it’s not all about what I need to accomplish, and it’s not about searching for my lost comfort zone to crawl into. For me, it’s about trusting God and letting go, giving Him control, and cutting myself some slack. Putting those things down in a journal, an art journal in particular, is an act of faith for me, and a refueling.… Read More

When you feel like giving up on your vision…

Faith Journal-Center Left Circle Flap- quote from Pinterest I’ve debated whether to share this, but in case it encourages someone to keep going and not give up on the vision they’ve been given, I am going to go ahead and share. About a year ago, I had a vision of teaching online art journaling classes. The vision, or dream, caught me by surprise because I’m not really a computer, internet person. I started this blog because I wanted to be a part of a community and connect with like-minded people after the school I had taught Art at for ten… Read More