Happy Thanksgiving! And a gathering of like-hearted spirits…

I know it’s not Thanksgiving in all the countries, but it seems to me, being thankful anytime is in season, so Happy Thanksgiving. It happened to me just this week, the wave of sadness. Sometimes it happens and there are two things I am being intentional about doing when it happens. One is to write down what I am thankful for in my journal. The other is to ask, “Why do I feel sad (or the emotion of the moment)?” It may be the state of the world, my own shortcomings, or the brokenness of relationships etc. Then I imagine… Read More

New Eyes with a Grateful Heart

We were challenged in Church this morning to focus on what God has done, and is doing right now, not what he hasn’t done. It seemed surprising that the blessing  (shown above) also had the same theme. It was given and prayed with after the service. I had read One Thousand Gifts  by Ann Voskamp recently and was reminded of the restorative power of gratitude. This blessing reflects that and the wonder in the everyday beauty constantly surrounding us.