Gratitude Journal and a How-to Video

It has been a joy to make a gratitude art journal and fun to participate in the An Attitude of Gratitude Art Journaling Facebook group. I couldn’t fit in all the prompts or challenges, but am content and feel the sense of accomplishment in finishing the project. Here are my last pages that include thankfulness for seasons, creation which also alludes to travel, each new day, books,  and the inside back cover flap.  I’ve also included a short how-to video on my process of  the lettering in the banner below. The conclusion shows another video clip of paging through the… Read More

Gratitude by Grace

GRATITUDE (the state of being thankful) by GRACE (an unmerited divine assistance given humans for their process of spiritual renewal and freedom). These pages show the flap from the last spread before it is opened. The themes touched on are: laughter, Celebration, Thanksgiving, Friends and Family, Neighborhood, and Health When the “Celebration” Day challenge for “An Attitude of Gratitude” journal came up, and as I was working in the journal, I suddenly felt the wounds of my family’s brokenness, and the loss of traditions I once valued. I was hit with grief. Then the thought came that there are probably… Read More

Gratitude Journal, Focus on Strengths

Memories, Childhood, Encouragement, Self, & Strengths These are the themes of this gratitude spread. Guidelines were to include a photo or drawing of yourself, a tag, some fabric or textile. Bernice’s prompts, in An Attitude of Gratitude Journal Challenge, of quotes and verses were great starting points. This time instead of starting with text, I added it last, experimenting with white pens.  The photo of my husband and I in high school is one of my favorites. Another high school student, now my brother-in-law, took a photo of Keith and I. We did not know it at the time. I think… Read More

Gratitude Note to Self: Keep the Main Thing…

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing,” I’ve been telling myself about nearly everything this week. I was feeling “behind” with the gratitude journal. It doesn’t seem I have enough time or space for the journal and I thought maybe I should set it aside and back out of the An Attitude of Gratitude Art Journaling Challenge. Then I asked myself, “What is the main thing about the Gratitude Journal?” Okay, why I started it was to connect with other like-minded people, to be intentional about being grateful, and to make a visual expression of that… Read More

Gratitude Journal Set Free

As I was perusing through the blogs I follow I found that Bernice Hopper put out a Gratitude Journal blog challenge on her blog: The art journaling challenge, complete with pdf’s and inspirational prompts, quotes, and videos is found at An Attitude of Gratitude Art Journaling Challenge. I joined about five days ago.  Knowing I was starting after it already began, I decided to think outside the box of the challenges and combine some of the days. I figured if I focused on having to get a certain day done at a certain time etc., my focus would be on the… Read More