The Missing “I AM”

      Two posts ago I showed images and explained the “I AM” series I painted 7-8 years ago as a part of my thesis project at Marylhurst University. During the time I painted them and afterwards I knew there was one “I AM” painting missing. To be honest, I just couldn’t do it. In each of the paintings, I worked to experience the symbolism. For example, I used our own grape leaves and photographed grapevines as reference for “The True Vine.” I went to a wheat field and photographed the wheat, I bought matzah bread and challah at the… Read More

“I AM” Paintings presented and explained

These seven paintings are the “I AM” series, also called “Presenting the Light”. They were the subject of my BFA thesis and included here is the meaning of the symbolism and Scripture used as the basis of the work. I would like to thank Mark Morse who consulted with me and edited much of the text written from my thesis paper. I recently went over it, reworked it a bit, and am posting it here. Currently the series is hanging at True Vine Fellowship Church. They are hosting a gathering “An Evening with the Artist” where I will be talking… Read More