A Grand Life Adventure & Another Beginning

It always boggles my mind a bit when an event is planned for, worked on, and them the big day comes and is gone in such a short time. Big vacations are like that, and life changes, like weddings etc. It is good to remember those times and record them so we don’t forget. I am looking forward to the seeing the photographers’ pictures. The wedding was sacred and celebratory, eclectic and somewhat non-traditional but with all the elements of making a covenant with another before God and community. I am posting a few photos from the wedding. To be… Read More

Bouquets with Brooches and Peacock Feathers

Last month both sides of the family got together for a wedding work night. It was great fun, and I appreciate the fact that this is sometimes rare that the bride and groom’s families meet, enjoy each other’s company, and share an appreciation for creativity as well as a work ethic. The work party included the bride and groom, all four parents, the groom’s sister, my sister and niece and Merri’s (and mine too) dear friend. It was a blast. They brought pizza, and we addressed invitations, made thank you cards, scrubbed more labels off of wine bottles, made boutonnières,… Read More

Reusing for Wedding Centerpieces etc…

There usually comes a point in a project for me where I wonder if it will all come together as a cohesive whole. We’re there… but as we stack “wedding” stuff on the six foot folding table, somehow it looks good together. It’s also a good time for me to remind myself what is the most important: people and relationships. What I do creatively should foster that and help build an atmosphere of love for the wedding, combining the sacred and celebratory. Wednesdays, or at least parts of Wednesdays have been dubbed “Wedding Wednesdays” for the past two months. Now… Read More

Recycling for an Eclectic Vintage Wedding Look

Yesterday, Wednesday, was the last day before the wedding Merri and I will go to the gym together. There seem to be a number of “last” times these days. Her last day at PSU was Tuesday. My husband, Keith celebrated by taking her and picking her up from school. It reminds me that even good change is a loss of sorts and bittersweet. The good part about these kind of “lasts” is they’re followed by “firsts.” So in the midst of changes and the upcoming empty nest phase, we are busy getting ready for the big day. We hadn’t actually… Read More