Perseverance Journal Part 3

The past month has been full good things like our son getting married, celebrating 33 years of marriage, two art shows in one week and the preparations, etc. There are other things too, like looking forward to surgery, the tension of facing new challenges and growth, navigating decisions and directions etc. I realize I am not alone. It’s part of life, and moving forward requires faith and perseverance. Risky business.  Here are the last pages of the Perseverance Journal. I wasn’t that happy with how the right side turned out,  but it does seem like the edgy lettering, written with the pen… Read More

Perseverance Journal Part 2

Here’s more of my Perseverance Weekend Journal: If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area this Thursday, September 6, 2012, and want to stop by the First Congregational United Church of Christ (1126 SW Park Ave) by the historical society and across from the Portland Art Museum. I would love to greet you at the Art Exhibition of 16 of my acrylic and mixed media paintings. I’ll be there from 5 pm-8 pm. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Art from scraps of Grief and Grace

Two years ago today my mother faded from this world, entering a new phase of eternity. Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real. For my mom and I, our relationship as we knew it died in a big way years ago. Neither of us wanted it, but we were faced with hard choices and we each made them like choosing different forks in the road, and our paths didn’t cross very often. That day, two years ago, we didn’t know was going to be her last day living here on earth, but we knew it was going to be “any day… Read More

Beach Weekend Art Journal Part 2

After two days and two glorious walks on the beach I set up some shells and a few pebbles we found on the beach and drew them with pencil in my weekend journal. Then I put a coat of matte medium on the pages and painted the drawings with fluid acrylics. I felt like I was going a bit out on a limb mixing a realistic style with the cut painted paper border with embroidery thread and white gel pen. But because I used the same colors and finished it off with a bit of spattering to simulate sand, it… Read More

Beach Weekend Art Journal

I’m really lovin’ making these weekend journals! A dozen pages of fun. I began this one with our long beach weekend in mind and used part of it as a demo in the last art journaling class. Part of it was done before the trip and I left blank spaces for writing and painting to do while vacationing. The image above is one view showing the last page most prominently. You can see that the pages are not all the same size or shape. One of the great things about these types of journals is the many options there are… Read More

A Breakthrough in Worship Painting

One of my dreams in the past year has been to paint as worship during a worship service at our church. At the same time, this was a scary thought because I have always been a studio painter and even more than that, I wondered if I could really worship, focusing on God and not on others or their view of me. It was one of those illusive paradoxical things like losing my life to find it. I realized it needed to be God at work in my mind and my heart. Then one Sunday I was so moved by… Read More

A New Year, A New Journal Step-by-Step

I’m starting a new art journal reflecting a new phase in my life. I’m throwing out any rules. I’m not starting at the beginning. I’m going with the flow. Here is a step-by-step process for a two-page spread from the middle of this journal in progress.  After loosely coating the pages with gesso I added paint with quick broad strokes of  raw umber and transparent red iron oxide while the gesso was still wet. After the first layer dried I added a wash of Manganese Blue Hue around the edge  and blotted it with a paper towel. When it dried I… Read More

Open to Transforming Power

“Transformation” by Valerie Sjodin, acrylic & mixed media, Copyright 2011 This symbolic painting represents the transformative power of God at work in an open and willing heart.  You may notice the butterfly is very similar to my logo. A number of years ago I bought a chrysalis from a pet store and then I witnessed the process of  a creature emerging into its intended form. I chronicled the process with photographs and drawings, and have been using the drawings as symbols of transformation ever since.  Swirls and circles usually find their way into my artwork. Swirls represent to me: life… Read More

Third Time’s the Charm

Just over a month ago I went through my art drawers and slots in the studio. A number of failed paintings emerged. I loved burning one in the fire pit, and tossed some, but some I kept to paint over… an act of faith, for redemption. Then last week, when I was filled with angst, I took one out to work on. It failed even worse than the first time and I painted a few wide swaths of gesso over it in frustrated resignation.Last week we were blessed with a weekend at the beach. It was so good to get… Read More