My Hymn Journal – Lighting My Darkness

It’s interesting how words and songs take on broader and deeper meaning at different times. This hymn means much more to me than it did when I was younger. “O Word of God incarnate,  O Wisdom from on high, O Truth unchanged, unchanging O Light of our dark sky: we praise you for the radiance that from the hallowed page a lantern to our footsteps, shines on from age to age.” William W. How “O Word of God incarnate” is more personal to me now, referring to the person of Jesus, always with me, lighting the way in the… Read More

What about 2014?

Yikes! It’s already February! January was full and zipped by as fast as a full really-lived month could for me. At the end of each year I take some time to pray and ask God to give me a focus for the following year. It usually starts around Thanksgiving, and I keep my eyes and ears open over the holidays. This year I got more than usual, and the first thing I got was a symbol. That is unusual for me. A key, or keys. Then I started singing an old hymn in the shower I hadn’t thought of in… Read More

“Be-Long” at Home in my Moleskine Journal

This image is probably my favorite of the series because it simply embodies what I think of when I think of home: a place to rest, to belong and be-long. “Home, a place to belong, and to be-long.” – Valerie Sjodin We live in the Pacific Northwest, a place where coffee seems to be a core value.  It has become a symbol of stimulating conversation, friendship and comfort. “Together – celebrating our common grounds.” – Valerie Sjodin

The idea of “HOME” in my Moleskine Journal

The idea of home to me is the experience of belonging. For me, it actually has more to do with people than a place. I love being with people I feel “at home” with. A place also has personal importance: the feel, smell, sights, and sounds are all powerful things that jog our memory and tug at the longings of our hearts. As 2014 is beginning to unfold, I’m considering, asking what my part is in being “at home” with people and how that might look for me in my community this year. Here a two more entries from the… Read More

Home Sweet Home in my Moleskine Journal

One of my favorite books that encourages creative thinking and purpose is Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson. He defines wisdom with three words:  “Integrity, Creativity and Excellence. It is the display of the mind of God, always in the context of integrity that brings forth the creative solutions for life while holding to the standards of excellence. These play a vital role in manifesting the Kingdom in ways that honor God and solve the issues of life for humankind…. Simple things like joy, a happy home life, recognition, and meaningful friendships are an important part of the life of… Read More

Key to Keeping Travel Art Journaling Fun

THE KEY:Keeping it simple and no “shoulds” allowed. KISS – KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETHEART!I was determined that it would not feel like “work” or an obligation during or after the trip. One goal of mine was  not to spend more than a day or two working on it once I got home. Another thing that was important to me on this trip since it was a time to rest and reflect is that the journal would include some of the inner journey as well as the visible journey. On these pages  directly below, I listed the things we did that day, copying them… Read More

Art Travel Journaling – the Inner Journey

RECORDING THE INNER JOURNEY Before we left on our trip, my friend Verlene sent me a poem. When I read it to Keith, he said it should be the theme of our trip. We read it every day and I meditated on different stanzas each day, including them in the travel art journal. Because water was the element all around us, I also read and reread the “Water” chapter of Christine Valters Paintner’s book Water, Wind, Earth & Fire, The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements. Here is the poem by Frances J. RobertsA Quiet Pool  “Wait upon Me… Read More

Moleskine Travel Journal Experiment

Getting back to what I consider “normal” blogging, I thought I’d share a bit about the travel journal experiment we did for our trip to Hawaii. I got one of those new Japan accordion book style Moleskine journals, the smaller size. I brought a little map of the island and collected bits of text and images as we traveled. I also brought a date stamp, ink pad and a few rolls of printed tape just for fun. So glad I put the ink pad in a ziploc bag since it leaked. For this trip, I wanted to try and make a journal… Read More

Processing Hurt in my Moleskine Journal

One thing I am thankful to God for is His willingness and desire to meet me where I’m at. In my deep hurt, with just a Bible and a box of kleenex, I desperately asked Him to help me, comfort me, show me how to get His vision of the mess around me. He did. The Words on the page became living, exactly for my situation. Shortly after that, I experienced the sweetness of God through other people. I was blessed with kindness through visits, phone calls, and written words. All in one day. None of them knew I was… Read More