My Hymn Journal – Lighting My Darkness

It’s interesting how words and songs take on broader and deeper meaning at different times. This hymn means much more to me than it did when I was younger. “O Word of God incarnate,  O Wisdom from on high, O Truth unchanged, unchanging O Light of our dark sky: we praise you for the radiance that from the hallowed page a lantern to our footsteps, shines on from age to age.” William W. How “O Word of God incarnate” is more personal to me now, referring to the person of Jesus, always with me, lighting the way in the… Read More

Doodling in my Mini-Moleskine Doodle Journal

Inevitably, my doodling wanders off. As I meditate and pray, I do my own thing, not thinking specifically about the place or style of my upcoming destination. These are some of those pages. What I find is that once I get start doodling from inspiration I see, it’s easier to get into a personal flow of doodling. I’ve always been enamored with the gothic arch. I will see some of those this month, but this doodle just came out of my time reading in Psalm 27. It reminds me that no matter where I go there is beauty to be found. God… Read More

Doodling for Adventure in my Moleskine Journal

First, in my calendar, Documented Life Journal, I have my month of May ready to go. Each month’s calendar looks a bit different. I try and make it feel what I think the month may feel like. This one reflects my upcoming adventure… With all the busyness this season, I still seem to find time to wind down with doodling… starting another mini-journal in a little paperback grid Moleskine journal. It’s perfect for traveling. Preparing for my trip, I check out travel books from the library and look up patterns and historic ornament relevant to the trip. In the evenings,… Read More

Home Sweet Home in my Moleskine Journal

One of my favorite books that encourages creative thinking and purpose is Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson. He defines wisdom with three words:  “Integrity, Creativity and Excellence. It is the display of the mind of God, always in the context of integrity that brings forth the creative solutions for life while holding to the standards of excellence. These play a vital role in manifesting the Kingdom in ways that honor God and solve the issues of life for humankind…. Simple things like joy, a happy home life, recognition, and meaningful friendships are an important part of the life of… Read More

Disneyland with my Moleskine Journal

I love Disneyland! The creativity, the fantasy, people having fun…. For the first time, Keith and I were the kids this time, going by ourselves, without kids or parents. What fun! We went down to Anaheim for a conference and decided to spend a couple of days at the happiest place on earth. I’ve been taking my moleskine journal almost everywhere I go these days, Disneyland no exception. The thing about that is, when in a place like Disneyland for only a few days, I wasn’t going to spend much time doodling in my journal. We had places to go,… Read More

X-Y-Z Moleskine Journal Pages

The last three letters of the alphabet; I made it! The A to Z of Me Journal Challenge finished! X  Marks the Spot   Valerie Sjodin© Y – Yes. I am going to write a vivid dream I had over the words “Yes Jesus” since that was a key part of the dream   Valerie Sjodin© Z – Zeal   Valerie Sjodin©

T-Try! Trust! Learn! Persevere!

Try!  – Valerie Sjodin© This journal page represents my current state: trying, learning, persevering, not giving up, things I am to learn and grow in right now. A time of personal growth. It’s challenging, and I feel pushed to capacity, asking God for more and struggling to have faith as I take the next baby step. Pressing on. One quote I didn’t have room for on my page is from Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture:“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us… Read More