Word of the Year and so much more….

It is that time of year that excites me. Not with New Year Resolutions, but with an openness to receive a theme, a focus, a symbol for the upcoming year, full of possibility. This is my seventh year of having a word or phrase of the year. Honestly, a few of those years, having a word theme didn’t make much of a difference. Others, as in this year, 2015, the word has influenced every aspect of my life and kept me focused. Today I’m asking why? A few things I’ve learned about a word of the year are: ~ Having… Read More

Pondering the Practical Side of My Word of the Year

Sometimes my inner weather shifts from a clear view of where I’m headed to standing in front of a wall of mental fog, not knowing what to do next. Now is one of those times. Projects are arranged in piles of what needs to be done. Ideas swirl around in my thinking, and an old dream rises up within me speaking in a creaky voice, “Now is the time.” Disappointment and Insecurity are quick to respond with, “You tried that before and nothing happened. You have proof. Just look in your drawer full of files… Life is short. Should you… Read More

Loving Out the Fear … Making Me Brave

I’ve never thought of myself as brave, even though that is what my name means, valor. In the last post, fear being loved out was the theme. Abiding in God’s love is what I am to AIM for, the cure for fear. AIM is my word for this year. In this journal page, I continue to express my word of the year and my spiritual journey through art. I love music that makes me see pictures, and also have a song for this year: “You Make Me Brave” by Amanda Cook. When I first heard it, I could see it and… Read More

What am I AIMing at?

I’ve been asking that question in light of the new year, my word for the year (AIM) and in light of my life. It is a working out, wrestling through, a process of seeking… finding… and being grateful for the journey.  No matter what I aim at, or set out to do, Christ needs to be the center of my focus. That is what the big circle with the gold center is about.  The most recent journal page is the one with the loose and doodled concentric circles, the same shape as a target. Concentric circles have become my shape… Read More

Exploring the Meaning of my Word for 2015

I’ve done quite a bit of research about my word and images. This builds my understanding, enthusiasm and is a catalyst for courage. I google key words, symbols, and quotes, such as “archery quotes”. I also look on Bible Gateway, typing key words into the search box and looking through the list of verses that come up. I usually look at various translations. This is where I found Isaiah 49:1-12. I read through the chapter, asking God to highlight the message/s I was to take away. I spent about a week in the passage, asking if/how it applied to me.… Read More

Processing My Word for 2015 with My Favorite Pens

After getting such a clear but complicated image for 2015, I asked God for a word, a simple word with layered meaning to fit the image I believe He has given me. This is where the waiting comes in. Waiting and watching. Then in the quiet it came, bold and simple: AIM. A noun and a verb, even holding the “i am” in the letters themselves. At that moment my attitude began to change.  Aim as a verb means to point or direct at a target, to align, line up, have the intention of achieving, work toward, aspire to, set… Read More

Good-bye 2014! The Journey Continues…

Art journaling the journey has become a fully integrated part of my life, so I decided to start a journal showing a glimpse into my inner journey – a spiritual quest-further into God, seeking and desiring to grow more into who God made me to be. It is a time for entering a new year and a new season in life, the second half of life, the youth of old age. The first pages of this journal begin with my theme verse from 2013, along with the encouragement to trust God and move forward. “Forget the former things. Do not… Read More