Journaling a Word of the Year ~ Connections and Community

Community, Connections, and Creativity Journaling with a Word of the Year As I am getting my new journal ready for the new year, it occurs to me that the main reason I begin a new everyday journal each year is because it gives me hope. There is nothing like getting a new journal, pristine and full of possibility. Receiving or choosing a word to focus on throughout the year is a good place to start in the new journal, which is so blank and waiting to be filled page by page. I don’t know if you feel this way, but… Read More

Why journal? The Benefits…

The Benefits of Journaling… Why I Journal: To remember – This may be the catalyst for all my journaling. Remembering includes recording events both ordinary and celebratory, experiences and relationships, exploration of ideas and information. Through writing, it is easier for me to re-member, put together and make sense of the various aspects of my life experience in a positive way. Life is short and time flies by. So often, so does my recollection of things that in the moment are important to me. Journaling keeps a witness of my life story and what I value. To gain insight and… Read More