A Blessing for Creative Kindred Spirits

Recently I went through a dry time, doubt. I have been making visual blessings for nearly a year, and then couldn’t seem to do it. I wondered if it was over, if it mattered anyway, and why I was feeling a sense of loss. Was the making of visual blessings a season or is this dry period a season? Fortunately, it was the latter. Last week after a difficult conversation with someone I headed to the studio and asked God to work in my heart and take the emotions and thoughts, turning them from darkness into light.  I had a… Read More

The Missing “I AM”

      Two posts ago I showed images and explained the “I AM” series I painted 7-8 years ago as a part of my thesis project at Marylhurst University. During the time I painted them and afterwards I knew there was one “I AM” painting missing. To be honest, I just couldn’t do it. In each of the paintings, I worked to experience the symbolism. For example, I used our own grape leaves and photographed grapevines as reference for “The True Vine.” I went to a wheat field and photographed the wheat, I bought matzah bread and challah at the… Read More

Supernatural Creativity

Last week I spent the week in Redding at the Supernatural Creativity Conference at Bethel Church. I am so thankful I went. It was life-changing, and I will share more about the experience in the blogs ahead. I came away with a greater awareness of how the creative arts bless people and how God can use artists for His glory and Kingdom. The speakers were fantastic as well as the worship music and dance. The workshops included a broad view of creative arts featuring culinary arts, drama, dance, painting, writing, music etc. I also left with a greater appreciation for… Read More