Documenting the Extra-Ordinary Life

What each of us think of as ordinary or extraordinary is likely personal perspective. I believe 2014 is and will continue to be an extra-ordinary year, so I thought I should record the days in a journal. Not a “you must write what you did each day” kind of journal, but one I could do without pressure. Then, when the year is over, I could look back and see what the important things to me are and when I participated in them.  Then, a few weeks ago I came across an art journaling project that is similar to what I… Read More

Bliss at Home

“To be at home with oneself, family and friends –  Bliss” -Valerie Sjodin Yes, I believe it is bliss. I enjoy being at home with myself. It holds an atmosphere of peace and comfort. This past weekend I wasn’t alone much. It was a full house and very celebratory indeed! With so much brokenness in our families, I think I came to expect some things I had hoped for to be absent, or elusive at best. It is not so and I am so thankful! We celebrated our grandson’s first birthday in our home. Both sides of the family gathered… Read More