A Quick London Adventure… Our European Finale

We took a train to London. It was a quick trip. What to do?  We stayed near the London Eye, across the river from Big Ben and Parliament buildings. You can feel the power of London. We felt small. It helped to stay near a central location, close to the tube. We took it everywhere we went, or walked. I especially wanted to see the Westminster Abbey. We got there just in time for the last tour. So much history. I especially wanted to see the memorial to Wilberforce.  After we left, we walked around the city a bit. In… Read More

Art Journaling and a lot of Blarney

As we planned our trip, it was important each person got to do and see their top two things. Keith’s top one was castles. As you can imagine, the rest of us Americans were pretty happy about that. We did see a number of castles, and even stayed in a place with a view of one in Cork County – Blarney. Before we arrived at Blarney, we took the train from Dublin to Cork. I love the train! From there we were to rent a car. Yikes! Driving on the other side of the road. Not me. Sean and Keith… Read More

Travel Journaling – Oh the Places We Would Go…

It’s been over a month since we’ve come home from our trip to the UK and Ireland. Time flies when life is happening fast! It is good to stop for a moment, remember, and be grateful. So as I think of going from Iona, to Edinburgh, and on to Dublin, I smile, thankful for the memories. We rode the train from Iona to Edinburgh, small island town to Scottish city,  with amazing Architecture and dinner with our high school friend.  We flew to Dublin. Took a taxi to our rented apartment. Sean and Merri arrived in the wee hours the… Read More

Re-Entry with Renewed Perspective

Blarney Tower from the Castle above One of the things I was hoping to get on our big adventure was a perspective adjustment. Traveling can encourage that. This journey helped me to step back, live in the present moment as the unknown unfolds, and be open to a new view.  Sean O’Brien took this photo of me at Blarney Castle This trip involved so many transitions and connections, that we had to live in the present moment, often without internet connection. I was able to take a break from my virtual life for awhile. Carrying my luggage at one of… Read More