A Scandinavian Adventure…

Even the preparation of this trip to Scandinavia has been like none other I’ve taken. For such a big adventure, we usually plan months in advance covering as many bases as possible. I research the places, styles, art and begin a preliminary doodle journal. That partĀ is fun and I like exploring how art reflects the culture and people I’m visiting. Because we didn’t know we were going until a few weeks ago, and with the unexpected life changes happening in our family, I have not had the chance to prepare my art focus in the usual way. On the other… Read More

From Travel Brochures to Art Journal – How-to Video

From Travel Brochures to Art Journal – How-to Video During our trip, the travel information and maps gathered at the national parks were extremely helpful. Now that we’re home, I don’t want to store the paper stack of info, but I don’t want to just throw it away either. Solution: make a spontaneous art journal (of course šŸ™‚ Below is a video I made showing how I made a journal page spread using collage pieces from our travel brochures, some personal photos, writing and a little bit of paint. The techniques used can be used in any journal that can… Read More

Dream Realized in My Moleskine journal

Dream Realized are sweet to the soul – in My Moleskine journal! My visit to the Grand Canyon was a dream come true! It was on my bucket list and everything I hoped for. Keith was a great sport too. He does not like heights, but went along, delighted and cringing at my joy of feeling on top of the world. The little Moleskine watercolor journal offered me various ways to include photos, write, paint etc. Some pages were title pages such as this page below. Here is a photo that shows the process: painted with a fine pointed tipped… Read More

Summer Vacation in My Moleskine Journal – Part 2

Summer Vacation in my Moleskine journal – Part 2 and the Power of a Symbol 6-20-2016 I listed the points of our journey on the left side of the page. I tried to get the idea of heat from the colors and sun ray shapes. On the right side I drew a little map of our stops and filled the center with shapes of rock art we saw at the Edge of the Cedars museum and excavation. It was a great little find and well worth the $5 entry fee. Here is Keith, a momentary installation in the sculpture garden… Read More

Summer Vacation in My Moleskine Journal

I’m always experimenting with ways to travel journal, seeing the creative process reflecting the journey into the unknown of traveling. This past month, I’ve been experimenting with two types of journal. The first, a pocket Moleskine watercolor journal, is more familiar to me. I packed my 3.5″ x 5.5″ Moleskine, travel watercolor kit, pencil, sharpener, eraser, pens, brushes, paper towel, all fitting into a gallon Ziploc bag. Actually, I took more than that in the bag, but these are all I used, so next time, I’ll know what I really need. The supplies are listed and linked at the end… Read More