The Right Questions, and More Stencil Play Journal

Mother’s Day weekend I was blessed to spend the weekend with my husband and daughter and son-in-law at one of the most beautiful places on earth, just about an hour from our home: Cannon Beach.  The first night, during a long walk on the beach, my daughter and I were talking. She, often wise beyond her years, had some observations and asked me some great questions. It was a catalyst for the shift I needed. The questions are these: What are the most positive experiences you’ve participated in and contributed to? In the art related field, I could remember my… Read More

An Unexpected Journal: Stencil Play

I needed a break – to play again. It came to me like a gift in an unexpected way, from my open studio workshop earlier this month.  Last year I tried a new thing, thanks to the suggestions of lovely participants in my workshops. From January to June I offered an open studio workshop once a month to those people who have taken my workshops, for a flat fee. I would have the studio ready for creative play and be available to help, with no lesson planned. People took me up on it, and now we are reaching close to… Read More

Two New Looks from Simple Daisy Shapes

Sometimes simple is best. These daisies are to positive shapes of a stencil (The cut-outs). After I used them a few times I glued them down on this painted background. Then I added the outlines and text. Daisy images copyright Valerie Sjodin 2011 Here I used the negative of the daisy stencil (the open daisy shapes on the stencil). The shapes were loosely drawn onto card stock and then cut out. It was easy and fast, and I’ve used them on a number of  projects. This stencil was used on more than one layer, placed on torn paper and collaged… Read More