Ask God and put out a fleece? Really?!

That was the advice given from my good friend and mentor Linda Eld after my quote of the year rang true, literally, in the form of a phone call. “Plan to be surprised.”  – from “Dan in Real Life” movie.  I was surprised. I may have mentioned before that I don’t like surprises. In January, the editor at Taunton who worked with me on the Colorful Blessings coloring book called before my copies of the coloring book had arrived. She said they wanted to do another coloring book asap. The good news was that Colorful Blessings had gone into its… Read More

Really Fun Open Studio Tour! It’s the people!

It was a great weekend for connecting with people in our community and surrounding area. Lots of great conversations, some deep, some plain fun, many really meaningful. One of the big treats is to meet people in person that I’ve connected with through this blog or email. It is a good reminder that on the other end of the text I write and press “send” is a real person. And this weekend I met lovely people for the first time in person and reconnected with others I hadn’t seen in awhile. What a blessing! Thank you all who came! It… Read More

Friends Make a Difference!

This post is dedicated to the friends who prayed me through the spring and summer this year. Thank you dear Ones! You blessed me above what I could ask or think, teaching me that we need each other, and together we are stronger. This year I’ve had some extraordinary challenges and difficulties as I was pursuing making and launching my first online class. I was persevering, but getting beaten down by all sorts of obstacles, both common and unusual. A friend of mine said, “I hate seeing you like this. You need people to support you in prayer. Who can… Read More

Celebrate with A-bun-dance!

There have been more unfinished art journals hanging around my studio than ever before. Being one of those people who likes to finish things, I picked up a journal I could get enthusiastic about working on again. Awhile ago I posted the first spread of my Abundance journal used in a demo for an Art Journaling Weekend Workshop in the summer. Here is the cover with doodling over stencils and also the center spread. I love word plays, and seeing the “a-bun-dance” in “abundance” inspired me ;0) “It’s not what we have, but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance.”… Read More

For the Hopeless Romantic: 4 weddings in 4 weeks

I witnessed four weddings in four weeks the past month. Each one unique, reflecting the bride and groom and their families, each bride radiant with joy, each groom with a ready smile. Yesterday, my longtime friend and mother-of-the-bride gave her special gift of elegant fare and warm hospitality. Katie is a caterer, a true culinary artist.  Feeding people is just one of the ways she cares for others, and today it was an especially beautiful thing. The bride was stunningly beautiful, the groom, strong with a spontaneous laugh that lit up the room. A pleasure and privilege to be a… Read More

The Benefits of Art Journaling… or Why I Art Journal

Why Art Journal? Why do you art journal?  I’ve been asked that quite a bit.So, I’ve done it, and uploaded my first YouTube video with me talking face to face with the viewer through the camera. In this little video, I share the benefits of art journaling through my personal story. I did it because I think sometimes we feel we need to justify taking the time for creative ventures. Often it’s so much more than that… Find out more by visiting my website: NOTE: A day after posting the video above, I read an article written by Taylor… Read More

Welcome to my New Website

Well, I’ve made the plunge, and now have a new website with a secure shop at with art for sale, slideshows of journals to look through, workshop schedules, and happenings. You are invited to come and visit. This also means being one step closer to teaching online classes. Yay! With the new website it is now easy to sign up and pay for my workshops online and print a supply list. There are some really fun workshops planned: a Weekend Art Journaling Workshop March 8-9 2013, a how-to painting class April 26-27 with the theme of bird, egg, feather, nest;… Read More