Bible Journaling Video: no-bleed-thru, wrinkle-free! Plus a Look Inside my Journaling Bible

Learn how to achieve no bleed-through or wrinkled pages. In this video below, I walk through my ESV Journaling Bible and share an overview of some Bible Art Journaling techniques I use. Some of them I learned the hard way and would like to pass those helpful tips  on to you. My hope is that it will inspire you to greater creativity as you walk with God.  Tips on Products & Supplies: If I had to pick only a few Bible Art Journaling products, I would choose the black pens and colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener. (see products at the bottom of… Read More

Walking in the Valley of Shadows

The birds are singing. The promise of new life springing up around me. Then I read the newspaper. Grieved by the horrific story of a mother abusing and killing her child, cruelty of the worst kind. I cry out to God. The joy seems sucked out of the world. I feel naive, unaware of the incredible evil in my home town. With a sense of helplessness, hopelessness settles in my heart.  What should a person do? What should I do? I allow myself to grieve. Someone should grieve for the little toddler who was killed by someone who should have… Read More

IDENTITY Art Journal – I’ve been Adopted

GOOD NEWS! The certificate above was made in Photoshop and printed on parchment paper. I had made “stamps” as photoshop brushes a few years ago, and they were perfect for this application. Then I doodled the border with a Pitt pen, cut it out and glued it down into the journal, using matte medium.  After the matte medium was dry, I painted the doodles and water drops with fluid acrylic paint. Making the Adoption certificate based on Ephesians 1 drove the truth home that I have been adopted into God’s family. I am so grateful!  “It’s in Christ that we… Read More

IDENTITY Art Journal and Study in Ephesians

Last year the Scripture chapter theme was Ephesians 1. I needed it because I wrestled hard with Identity and who I was made to be. The learning curve was very steep and it wasn’t until the end of the year that I was able to measure growth. Now, at a new place, in a new season, I am so grateful. Grateful for the things learned last year, and grateful I’m not in the same place I was. When I learned Bernice Hopper was setting up an online art journaling group with the title of Identity: A Study in Ephesians, I… Read More

Catching Fire – Releasing Hope

Over Thanksgiving weekend we had the treat of watching Catching Fire on the big screen. Intense. Two messages struck me from it: The incredible power of Hope, and how important it is to remember who the enemy is. For me, there is added significance as I finish the Hope Journal, the one I’ve been demonstrating in for my new online classes (to be released really soon!). “Releasing hope” has been the theme for me all year and, ironically, my struggle. To begin the journal, I looked up definitions of HOPE and wrote it on the front cover: HOPE: to cherish a… Read More

Artists’ Cafe Surprise!

This week I received a wonderful surprise in the mail: Somerset’s Volume 7 of artists’ cafe magazine,  Best of Somerset Mixed Media, with my article on the Golden Ratio, originally published in 2011, included in it. Thank you Somerset! I am honored to be a part of such a quality publication! It’s really beautiful. In this volume, I found articles that have inspired me over the years and some new ones I missed. Here is the cover image and link, as well as a couple snapshots of the first two spreads of the article.

Published in Art Journaling Magazine!

I had a lovely retreat and time away. For those of you who left messages while I was away, Thank you! It isn’t very often one gets to get away with the purpose to slow down, relax, eat, rest, love, enjoy beauty. It’s been nearly a decade since we’ve taken this kind of time away, and am so thankful. I didn’t some experimenting with a travel journal, so it’s likely there will be some blogging about that. An added blessing, was coming home to the current Art Journaling Magazine, which features a six-page article with nine of the full page… Read More