Person to Person…Commission, Workshop, Friends

It’s all about relationships. We say that a lot around our house. It’s part of our values, our beliefs, our culture. It was a privilege to paint a commission for my chiropractor, Dr. Brian Reuben, at Back to Basics. I love collaborating with like-minded people, bouncing ideas around, working on a “team” project. That’s what the process of this painting was like. While I was painting I worshiped and was filled with joy. It flowed, and I love when that happens! This photo shows Dr. Reuben and I and the painting hanging in his office waiting area. My husband Keith… Read More

Ready, Set, Show!

I’m nearly ready for this weekend’s Washington County Artists’ Open Studios Tour and Sale.  Original Paintings Prints matted to fit nicely into standard size frames: Specialty cards in singles and packages: 2013 Workshop Schedule unveiled and ready for sign-up: Hope to see you there! Visit my website to see more:

Art Reflects Life…

I worked on the piece above just before foot surgery, painting to worship music and feeling inspired. It was one of those times when it flowed and I think the painting expresses how I feel when I’m inspired. I am considering it a sweet gift from God and praise to Him, since the next few weeks were tougher and the painting definitely did not flow easily.  This second painting above began the same way but then I ran into some challenges and set it aside until after surgery. A week or two later it was finished. But I started it with… Read More

Photos of a New Season…

The last time I remember Keith and I getting our photographs taken together, just the two of us was at our wedding, about 33 years ago. Now as we enter a new phase of “empty nest” I thought it would be good to mark it with current pictures of us as we are now. Honestly, I don’t like getting my picture taken. I think I always look older than I feel on the inside. My grandmother used to say the same thing, and I always thought, “I love you just the way you are.” She never seemed old until the… Read More

Art Journaling Leads to Paintings

detail of painting below, Valerie Sjodin© The finished paintings below are approximately the size of a full sheet of watercolor paper, 22″ x 30″. The first journal with the nighttime 2-page spread image measures 8 ½” x 11″. I made a number of changes to the painting, trying to maintain the feel of the journal page while improving composition etc. The second one below, from a horizontal journal measuring 7″ x 10″. As you can see, in the daytime one, I pretty much copied the journal page with minor adjustments for the larger format, leaving out the text.  When I worked on… Read More

Open to Transforming Power

“Transformation” by Valerie Sjodin, acrylic & mixed media, Copyright 2011 This symbolic painting represents the transformative power of God at work in an open and willing heart.  You may notice the butterfly is very similar to my logo. A number of years ago I bought a chrysalis from a pet store and then I witnessed the process of  a creature emerging into its intended form. I chronicled the process with photographs and drawings, and have been using the drawings as symbols of transformation ever since.  Swirls and circles usually find their way into my artwork. Swirls represent to me: life… Read More

“Set Free”, a symbolic mixed media painting

   Set Free is the second piece in the current series I’m working on. The first was posted on April 25, 2011, I Want to be a Visionary (image shown below). The inspiration for this series is taken from my journal and journey, and are for me a type of symbolic visual devotional. So I’ll include here some of the Scripture that inspired the painting and my writing.    The symbolism in this painting is more straightforward. When working on the bird I read an article telling about how finches were taken from the wild because of their red plumage and captured to… Read More