Bible Journaling my Animal of the Year

In my everyday journal, I had written a list of Scripture references that were relevant to my word and animal of this year. When I looked up Psalm 18:26-36, the passage stood out to me as the Psalm for this year. Not only does it have the metaphor of the deer, it also has the metaphor of the bow which connected with my symbols and word for 2015, aim. There is so much in the passage, it was hard to condense what was important to me at this time. I will be revisiting it throughout the year.      … Read More

Bible Art Journaling – The Way of the Cross

Up until now I haven’t actually painted directly in my Journaling Bible. Once again, Art is reflecting Life in the process I went through for these two pages. It begins with the process of risking, of letting go of the way I think life should look, and how I think my art should look. Notice the green mark on the left. Accidental paint splotch or the beginning of some enhancing border? We will see…. that is for a later time. If you’ve read any of my other Bible Art Journaling posts, you know word studies are meaningful to me. This… Read More