A New Year’s Blessing

Above is an image of a blessing made for a young musician and songwriter in our church. It was a joy to make and flowed as easily and pleasantly as the music he makes. The empty staff represents the space for more music to write and to play and sing. Beauty of all kinds can flow from the heart of our loving Creator to our hearts, and back again, a creative conversation. “For we are God’s creative work, recreated anew, so that we may live well and do those good, beautiful life-giving things God has planned for us to do.”… Read More

A Visual Blessing for Winter

Today is the winter solstice, the end of the Mayan calendar. To be honest, I wasn’t worried about it. I do think, though, that a new age is transitioning in. What that means and looks like is open to as many views and ideas as there are people. Contemplating this, I started to look up some World News this morning, but then decided my time was better and more pleasantly spent getting ready for family and friends coming tomorrow. So I turned up the Christmas music and joyfully cleaned and arranged fresh fruit in bowls. Thinking of this time in… Read More

Cheers to a New Day! Mixed Media Journal Pages

One of the goals of this journal is to use basic techniques and simple materials in a new way. I limited myself to painting papers and using only those for collage, using the same paints for painting in the journal, black permanent pens, white gel pen and an acrylic medium. It’s amazing to me how setting some boundaries can let the imagination soar.  I’ve found a visual journal is a great way to explore ideas for larger paintings.  The risk factor is low and the fun factor is high. No fear! For info on the upcoming 2-day art journaling classes… Read More

Back to Blogging… in Wedding Mode

I haven’t blogged or journaled regularly for nearly a month. I admit I feel a little out of sorts. On the heels of a successful open studio sale my family is now in wedding mode, with our youngest daughter getting married in a few weeks. So I figured the way I could be a better blogger and not neglect all the life-changing things going on in our family is to blog about what is going on with us and how it relates to an artful life. This is Merri & Sean’s wedding invitation. It is so “them” reflecting their personalities,… Read More

“Lord, what have you given me grace for?”

Valerie Sjodin copyright 2011 Whew! I’m glad to blog again. I’ve missed you all. It’s been one of those busy times, a time of direction, and changes happening one right after the other. I am thankful the direction I am getting is: Do more Art and bless people!  I put this image from my “Playful Praise of an Ordinary Woman” because it is where I am at. One thing, one step at a time…. Asking more often, “Lord, what have you given me grace for right now?”  I also put this image on because it has the golden ratio on… Read More

To be or not to be?….

Sometimes fear has kept me from taking the time to quiet myself and listen. It’s not so much being afraid of something, but afraid of nothing; that I would be left alone, empty, wanting and needing more. What if God doesn’t show up?  This thinking says more about me than God, but when I’m in it, I don’t want to see it; I don’t want to feel that way so I busy myself.  I have given into fear instead of stepping out in faith. I feel I have to earn God’s love… just try harder… and maybe He will like me… Read More

What is Your Purpose?

Here is one side of a blessing I gave a dear friend. She is one of those people, when you hear her story, you marvel that God brought her through such trial. She is not bitter, but beautiful, with a gift for remembering and recording with discernment, and a hunger for more of God. I was so happy when I knew I got to make her a blessing. It came quickly, like I was going along with what God was doing. It is so great to feel that sense of collaboration. So many times it is hard fought, but this… Read More

Paintings, Prayers, and Passages, Book available now!

For purchasing and information click here. It’s finally here. It has felt like a birth of sorts with it’s hope, anticipation, pain, relief, and joy. A number of people helped me with proofing, editing, copyright info, coaching in publishing, marketing etc. Thank you Keith, Katie, Merri, Kimberly, Janis, Mary, Anneli, David, Carol, Rick and Wendy! Here is the cover image again, the page beginning the “I AM” section, and the page beginning the “Woman at the Well” section of the book: Copyright Valerie Sjodin 2011