Keeping on through life’s frailties

Lord,  you know my frailty,  my needs, my longings,  my discouragement, and struggles.  I want to be free. I want to hear Your voice,  be connected to You, and trust You in spite of,  or rather through these circumstances. You love me and are trustworthy. You are with me always, never leaving me, whether in life  or in death. Life goes on, even if we aren’t ready. In the past week a beautiful, loving woman died unexpectedly. She was one of those people who loved her family and people around her and everyone knew it. A day or so later… Read More

Visual Blessing: Your Life ~ Sacred Purpose

When my husband saw this blessing, he said it was for me. I sensed it was for someone else, but I wasn’t sure who. It made me think that in some ways, when we make art, even if it is for someone else, it is also for us, because we have put some of ourselves into it, whether it be our experience, beliefs, color choices etc. I gave this one to a dear family friend, whose mother and I raised our little ones together, trading babysitting. (I used my time to take painting classes). Her daughter, now grown, is a… Read More

A Wedding Blessing

Valerie Sjodin copyright 2011 I made this blessing for a young couple getting married this month. The young man has been a good friend of our daughter since middle school. I have been so grateful for his character. He showed our girl what it looks like to be loved by a young man. Even though their’s was not a love of the romantic sort, God used their relationship to reveal that great friendship-kind of love that is also necessary for a good marriage. So they are both better prepared for their marriage partners. I haven’t yet met the young lady… Read More

A Blessing for the “Everyday Conqueror”

    When making visual blessings for people, sometimes I know who it is for, more often I don’t know until I feel led to give one, and sometimes I find out part way through the process of making one. That was the case with this visual blessing. It just flowed, words popped out that seemed to “want” to be included. I asked God for a word the person needed and got “conqueror”. Then the verse came with the same word. I love when it goes like that.     The background for this one was a demo from one of my… Read More

Another season of change

Valerie Sjodin copyright 2011   At times I flounder about what I should be doing now. The school I taught at closed almost two years ago. Since then, I needed some time for restoration. I want to hear God, but I get in the way sometimes. I want to see results, have that sense of accomplishment. It has been a time of letting go, of being rather than doing, dealing with disappointment, turning 50 and knowing life is short. Living life in the present, being present, resting in God’s presence. That is what I need. I came across this prayer… Read More

Visual Blessing given: RIsk Serving God with Creativity

When I made this visual blessing I knew who it was for. I got a vision for it during worship at church and gave it to one of our worship leaders who has blessed me with her humility and the gift of song God has given her.  It took longer to make than most, so you can imagine my disappointment when I turned over the blessing (I use both sides for the blessings) and realized I made that side upside down. A mistake, and all that time wasted… or was it? As I turned the blessing around a message jumped… Read More

Visual Prayer given for Peace & Rest

Sometimes midweek can be a low point. It’s Wednesday evening here on the west coast and I feel tired and flu-ish. I just had the idea of posting midweek blessings. For me to do a mid-week blessing on a site dedicated to visual blessing it seems a little redundant,”duh.” But I’m pretty new to blogging and don’t yet have any regular challenges for myself or others like A Collage A Day, Project 365 or something I do on a specific day of the week, month etc. I’m a “toe in the water first” kind-of-gal, so I’m going to test the waters with posting a… Read More

Playful Praise: “Be Still and Know…”

I hope you had a contented and blessed Christmas! I always feel a bit stunned when all of a sudden Christmas is over. Because I was a school teacher and parent it felt like my new year really started in September, and I would get the thrill of new possibilities as the busyness increased. This year has been different. I didn’t have children to take to school and I didn’t end up teaching much this fall. So now, at the end of the calendar year it seems like an end and new beginnings are just around the corner. I have… Read More