Bonus Lesson Added & New Book Published!

Inspire Your Creative Expression Through Bible Journaling & Visual Prayer Bible Journaling the Cross The more I Bible journal, the more I learn and fall in love with Jesus and want to spend time in the Bible, God’s love letter to us. During this season of Lent, and in the first year of my new e-course, Bible Journaling with Stencils & More, a new BONUS lesson has been added. This one doesn’t use stencils, but instead, shows the step-by-step process of making the cross journal page above and some research into some of the last words of Jesus on the… Read More

Prayerful Doodling Book NOW Available!

Be Inspired through Prayerful Doodling Activate your God-given creativity while doodling, coloring, and Bible journaling in ways that deepen your relationship with God and give you the opportunity to grow your artistic skill. This book encourages conversations with God by engaging the imagination through visual examples and easy-to-follow techniques for experiencing the creative process as a way to listen and respond to God. The visual prayer techniques shared in Prayerful Doodling are some of the processes that have integrated my creativity and spirituality. Spiritually they have helped me pray, listen to God more, work through problems and emotions, gain insight,… Read More

Key to Drawing Celtic Knots! Made easy!

Key to Drawing Celtic Knots! Made easy! Congratulations! You have just visited the most popular post on my blog. Since this first post about drawing Celtic knots in 2014, I’ve continued to grow in skill and enthusiasm for drawing Celtic knots, and to explore Celtic Christianity. Will you join me for this Celtic creative & spiritual retreat? In this online couirse you will learn easy ways to draw Celtic knots, designs and lettering while going on a creative and spiritual journey through the Celtic Christian hymn ‘Be Thou my Vision.’ Below is a video that shows and tells a bit… Read More

Keeping on through life’s frailties

Lord,  you know my frailty,  my needs, my longings,  my discouragement, and struggles.  I want to be free. I want to hear Your voice,  be connected to You, and trust You in spite of,  or rather through these circumstances. You love me and are trustworthy. You are with me always, never leaving me, whether in life  or in death. Life goes on, even if we aren’t ready. In the past week a beautiful, loving woman died unexpectedly. She was one of those people who loved her family and people around her and everyone knew it. A day or so later… Read More

Inspiration, Visual Prayer Journal Cover, and a Book of Hours

Valerie Sjodin 2011    I just finished this cover of a new visual prayer journal. I tried something new to me: gluing down a magazine image of a painting as part of my cover. The painting is by Frank Benson, an impressionist whose paintings take me to the beach in all its sunny glory. This is my favorite of his. I can relate to the girl looking out for something more. I have three sisters, so when I first saw it years ago, it struck a relational note.     This journal is the fourth one of its kind. In the… Read More

Another season of change

Valerie Sjodin copyright 2011   At times I flounder about what I should be doing now. The school I taught at closed almost two years ago. Since then, I needed some time for restoration. I want to hear God, but I get in the way sometimes. I want to see results, have that sense of accomplishment. It has been a time of letting go, of being rather than doing, dealing with disappointment, turning 50 and knowing life is short. Living life in the present, being present, resting in God’s presence. That is what I need. I came across this prayer… Read More

Visual Prayer Given for Risking Change

I didn’t know who this blessing was for when I made it, and was actually surprised when it found the recipient. It began with the quote by Anais Nin about risking. To go with the quote, I looked for an image of a bud about to open, and found the branch in an old botany book I found at the Good Will by the pound. In reading the fine print later, I saw that the original bud had died from the cold and another axillary bud supplied its place forming the new branch and the buds shown.  The person I… Read More

Wrestling Through: a scribble prayer

Wrestling or slogging through… sometimes that’s how it feels. If I can just do the next thing I know I’m supposed to do and not worry about the rest. When I feel frustrated, “wonder as I wander”, am having a hard time focusing, a scribble prayer sometimes helps. Of all the kinds of visual prayer the scribble is the one I avoid. I think it’s because I’m such a planner and I don’t like to figure out what to do with the extra lines that seem to clutter and look messy. But that is why it is the perfect one… Read More

Another psalm & prayer for this year…

Psalm 90:16-17 (KJV) “Let your work appear to your servants, And your glory to their children, And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us. And establish the work of our hands for us. Yes, establish the work of our hands.” “Lord, help us, your servants, see what You are doing.  Reveal to us Your glory and show us our part in Your work.  Let Your favor, grace, and beauty, O Lord God, be upon us.   Direct and prepare our hearts; provide the work of our hands for us.  Yes, confirm the work of our hands.” Valerie… Read More

Playful Praise: “Be Still and Know…”

I hope you had a contented and blessed Christmas! I always feel a bit stunned when all of a sudden Christmas is over. Because I was a school teacher and parent it felt like my new year really started in September, and I would get the thrill of new possibilities as the busyness increased. This year has been different. I didn’t have children to take to school and I didn’t end up teaching much this fall. So now, at the end of the calendar year it seems like an end and new beginnings are just around the corner. I have… Read More