Flowing with the Spirit, Part 4

I felt like I could’ve kept adding more to this journal, but being a weekend journal size,  I decided to wrap up the last page with my written response and the image of the world,  symbolizing huge possibilities. “O God, You guide my journey and accompany me along the way.  How blessed are those in whom You live, whose lives You travel. They wind through lonesome valleys, come across brooks, discover refreshing springs, Your creative Presence revealed.  I don’t know where this path will lead, but I choose to set aside the map of my plans and follow You, God-of-the-Angel-Armies.”… Read More

Flowing with the Spirit, Part 3

“Spirit of Restlessness, stir me from my longing for comfort that so often stifles me, help me to release from the places that keep me stuck, the direction You would have me go. Spirit of the Great Winds, help me to hear Your voice in the midst of  the whirlwind of my life. Grant me the trust to hold on  while I am being buffeted by life’s storms.”  Christine Valters Paintner from  Water, Wind, Earth & Fire, The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements  My response: “Holy God, breathe Your life into the possibilities You have set before me.”

Flowing with the Spirit, part 2

Sometimes the entries from Oswald Chambers’ book My Utmost for His Highest blow me away with a message that goes straight to my heart, and I must respond. Here is one of those, an excerpt from the June 13th entry that I included in the journal page above: “Getting There‘…come follow Me’ (Luke 18:22)   We have the idea that we can dedicate our gifts to God. However, you cannot dedicate what is not yours. There is actually only one thing you can dedicate to God, and that is the right to yourself (see Romans 12:1). If you will give God your right… Read More

Flowing with the Spirit Weekend Journal

My friend, Michelle Winter, kept talking about a book she was reading. Well, not reading in the usual way, but mulling over, going back, writing, responding etc. She inspired me to check it out from the library, and experienced what she meant. The book is: Water, Wind, Earth & Fire, The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements, by Christine Valters Paintner. In addition to her own writing, she draws prayers and quotations from many sources. This journal is my response and expression of the experience of going through the “Wind” section of the book. I challenged myself to integrate… Read More

HOPE-full Weekend Workshop Journal

Hope Journal cover – Valerie Sjodin© www.valeriesjodin.com HOPE was the theme for three of us in the Weekend Art Journaling Workshop last weekend. It is also the theme of the journal I’m working on for the online class. So for me, this journal I did my demos in, is a prelude for the online art journaling class I’m currently working on.  center spread of hope journal – Valerie Sjodin© www.valeriesjodin.com Hope journal standing – Valerie Sjodin© www.valeriesjodin.com

Travel Journaling with the help of my Phone

I wanted to keep a journal on our vacation. After the open studio show and sale and still recovering from surgery, I was tired, and quite honestly, needed a break from any art making pressure. Earlier I made a blank journal that was one page larger than a weekend journal, giving four more panels and a flap to fill with vacation journaling. I also wanted to include Keith, who said he would like to be a part of making the journal. We both wrote in the journal, just like we would a regular journal. Brochures from two of the places… Read More

Perseverance Journal Part 3

The past month has been full good things like our son getting married, celebrating 33 years of marriage, two art shows in one week and the preparations, etc. There are other things too, like looking forward to surgery, the tension of facing new challenges and growth, navigating decisions and directions etc. I realize I am not alone. It’s part of life, and moving forward requires faith and perseverance. Risky business.  Here are the last pages of the Perseverance Journal. I wasn’t that happy with how the right side turned out,  but it does seem like the edgy lettering, written with the pen… Read More

Perseverance Journal Part 2

Here’s more of my Perseverance Weekend Journal: If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area this Thursday, September 6, 2012, and want to stop by the First Congregational United Church of Christ (1126 SW Park Ave) by the historical society and across from the Portland Art Museum. I would love to greet you at the Art Exhibition of 16 of my acrylic and mixed media paintings. I’ll be there from 5 pm-8 pm. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Perseverance Journal

view of journal side pages, detail Here is another weekend journal. It was begun in the first summer workshop. I call it my “Perseverance Journal” because it started off on the wrong foot with a cover that seemed beyond redemption until I gave the whole thing a coat of matte medium and then applied a juicy wash of color using Phthalo Turquoise, Dairylide Yellow, and Napthol Red Light. Then a torn piece of metallic gold tissue paper was added.I spattered gold paint on top with a toothbrush and it was redeemed. But then I kept cutting swirls in the pages… Read More

Bold not Old

Here’s “the rest of the story” in my Exploring Magenta Weekend Journal: “What is in comes out” right? Sometimes without us knowing it. That happened to me in the last journaling class. My artwork reflected my inward struggle and I didn’t know it until someone (two someones actually) pointed it out. I almost painted gesso over it and started over, and then I said to myself, “Wait a minute! Isn’t that what journaling is about? Getting what’s beneath the surface out, where it can be seen and then healed? So, I left it in and wrote about it in this… Read More