Art Journaling Workshop: Personal Journeys

Here is one of the journals I demonstrated in for the workshop using techniques we did in class The spirit in the studio was celebratory as women spanning 60 years in age, and a wide range of art-making experience, worked and played with paint, color, doodling and collage. Just like the last summer weekend workshop, each journal was as different as each person. I love that people feel free to express and explore. Every class has its own dynamic and it seemed like the collective theme of this one was each person expressing a season of their life, such as… Read More

Beach Weekend Art Journal Part 2

After two days and two glorious walks on the beach I set up some shells and a few pebbles we found on the beach and drew them with pencil in my weekend journal. Then I put a coat of matte medium on the pages and painted the drawings with fluid acrylics. I felt like I was going a bit out on a limb mixing a realistic style with the cut painted paper border with embroidery thread and white gel pen. But because I used the same colors and finished it off with a bit of spattering to simulate sand, it… Read More

Beach Weekend Art Journal

I’m really lovin’ making these weekend journals! A dozen pages of fun. I began this one with our long beach weekend in mind and used part of it as a demo in the last art journaling class. Part of it was done before the trip and I left blank spaces for writing and painting to do while vacationing. The image above is one view showing the last page most prominently. You can see that the pages are not all the same size or shape. One of the great things about these types of journals is the many options there are… Read More

A Hand and a Prompt

There’s been a lot of talk about identity in my circles in recent months. Knowing who we are, who we are made to be is important. Keeping on the theme of being like a child I decided to do a page touching on who I am. I figured if someone in one of the workshops was having an artist’s block they could use this as a starting point for an idea and a place to learn new techniques. So I wrote my first name in cursive at the top of the page with a permanent pen, and then traced around… Read More

Go for it! PLAY!

I was thinking how a child’s work is really to play. They have a sense of wonder, enthusiasm. They tend to turn everything into some sort of game. Our grandson at three-years-old would say, “I have an idea…” He said it often when he wanted us to do something with him that he thought was fun. It also meant he was open to our ideas and was definitely up for negotiation (He got that trait from his Grandpa and Daddy). It was a good opening for conversation and fun. Win/win… i love that. I wanted that kind of enthusiasm for… Read More

A Great Art Journaling Weekend!

Wow, what a great two days of art journaling! The variety of creativity in visual expression was astounding.  I love it when people get together, feel inspired, create freely and encourage one another. That’s what happened over the past few days. We each made a “weekend journal” filled with loads of color, collaged painted papers, doodles and text. Here we are in the photo below with our beautiful art journals. We left the workshop hugging, happy, and wanting more. What fun! I am so grateful! My enthusiasm is way up for the next Art Journaling Workshop on Friday and Saturday,… Read More