A-Z of Mystery Journal – F – Freedom

The Mystery of Freedom F in the A-Z of Mystery Journal This page has been interesting to work on. Freedom was my word of the year last year, so I had already done a word study etc. But it looks different this year. Last year I focused on the freedom to choose and be my true self. Last year’s journey was one of letting go, trusting God and embracing the mystery of not knowing and understanding. It didn’t feel free. It felt like dying to myself: relinquishing  my desires, agenda, and especially my expectations, blowing away like dandelion seeds in… Read More

Rest and Reset – Getting Ready for the New!

“Rest & Reset” were words given to me earlier this fall to describe this season. Insights to those two words kept showing up, numerous times, even in my emails.  At the time, I didn’t know what “reset” meant for me, or how I was going to “rest” with all that was on my list. Then it all changed. My priorities were suddenly refocused and reorganized. In a totally unexpected way, the events of the past month have brought about a new kind of rest: being out of town, waiting in the hospital, making consistent and healthy meals, not being able to make plans more… Read More


Word of the Year Art Journal Reflecting Life

Word of the Year Art Journal Reflecting Life If you’ve been reading my blog recently you may remember my quote of the year: “Plan to be surprised.” from the movie Dan in Real Life. Life hardly ever looks like I think it will. I like plans that follow through, events and deadlines nicely spaced out on my calendar, having something to look forward to, etc. In other words, I like to feel like my life is manageable and I have a reasonable measure of control. Nearly mid-year, I am trying to embrace the uncontrolled nature of my word of the year… Read More