My Word and Shape for 2016 flowing out of 2015

My Word & Shape Flowing out of 2015 Do you have a word or theme that is recurring, it keeps coming up? A word that won’t go away? One that seems highlighted? Sometimes it comes like that, over time… I’ve noticed that my word/theme of the year often starts as a seed in September rather than January, and then begins to take root in November. Maybe it is because the school year starts in September and I taught school for ten years and had children that started their new school year every fall. Whatever the reason, now that it is… Read More

SURPRISE: An Animal of the Year? Yes

SURPRISE: An Animal of the Year? Yes Already my quote of the year has been active: “Plan to be surprised.” from the movie Dan in Real Life. This week I am surprised I am sharing with you about my animal of the year instead of my word of the year. I will share the word next week – at least that is my plan šŸ™‚ Why an animal? Sometimes I miss the obvious, and have just realized that after many unusual encounters with animals over the years, there may be seasons where God speaks to me through a particular animal… Read More

Word of the Year and so much moreā€¦.

It is that time of year that excites me. Not with New Year Resolutions, but with an openness to receive a theme, a focus, a symbol for the upcoming year, full of possibility. This is my seventh year of having a word or phrase of the year. Honestly, a few of those years, having a word theme didn’t make much of a difference. Others, as in this year, 2015, the word has influenced every aspect of my life and kept me focused. Today Iā€™m asking why? A few things Iā€™ve learned about a word of the year are: ~ Having… Read More

Art Reflects Life in my Word for 2015 – Again…

It’s been awhile since I’ve art journaled in my 2015 journal. Looking back at this year, two necessities stand out as key for me in this current year: be focused, and be flexible. Challenging to be both at the same time. Sometimes I’ve done well, and sometimes I’ve muddled my way through, “dropping balls” as they say, along the way. Giving grace to myself and others has become necessary in order to thrive. Being vulnerable, which is so scary for me, continues to be my biggest challenge. No wonder my prayer for that came out on a journal page: A… Read More